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58+ Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee: Hey there! In this article, we have brought you the most Inspiring quotes from Stan Lee the legend himself. The Father of Marvel Universe died at the age of 95 on Monday, leaving behind most unforgettable memories that will remain with all of us.

Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

In 1961, Lee and Jack Kirby started Marvel Comics with The Fantastic Four, and he co-created other memorable fictional characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Daredevil, Black Panther, and The X-Men. We dedicate this article to the legend Mr.Stan Lee who has inspired a lot many people by his words of appreciation.

So, without wasting any much of your time let's look at the most Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee.


"You know my motto is 'EXCELSIOR'. That's an old word that means upward and onward to greater glory. Keep moving forward, and if it's time to go , it's time. Nothing lasts forever."

  • Life is never complete without its challenges.
  • I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it, they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.
  • I wanted them to be diverse. The whole underlying principle of the X-Men was to try to be an anti-bigotry story to show there’s good in every person.
  • Most people say, “I can’t wait to retire so I can play golf,” or go yachting or whatever they do. Well, if I was playing golf, I would want that to finish so I could go and dream up a new TV show.
  • I don’t know where the hell I’ll be in five years. Maybe I’ll be producing movies maybe I’ll be on a corner selling apples. I don’t know, but I’m having a hell of a lot of Fun.
  • Comic books to me are Fairy Tales for grown-ups.

Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

  • Comics are stories, they are like novels or anything else. So, the first thing you have to do is to become a wonderful story-teller.
  • If you are interested in what you do, that keeps you going.
  • I never thought that Spider-Man would become a worldwide icon as he is. I just hope that the books would sell and I'd keep my job.
  • There is only one who is all powerful, and his greatest weapon is love.
  • We all wish we had super power s. We all wish we could do more than we can do.
  • I don't really see a need to retire as long as I am having fun.
  • I'm a frustrated actor. My goal is to beat Alfred Hitchcock in the number of cameos.I'm going to try to break his record.
  • The power of prayer is still the greatest ever known in this endless eternal universe.
  • To me, writing is fun. It doesn't matter that you're writing, as long as you can tell a story.
  • If we don't blow ourselves up, the future will be wonderful.
  • No one has a perfect life. Everybody has something that he wishes was not the way it is.
  • The only advice anybody can give is if you wanna be a writer, keep writing. And read all you can, read everything.
  • If I got a superpower I wouldn't say, oh, I got to get a costume and put on a mask. I would say hey, I can do something better than other people. How can I turn it into a buck?
  • Nuff Said.
  • When you work with people whom you like and you admire because they're so good at what they do, it dosen't feel like work. It's like you're playing.

Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

  • I'm happiest when I'm working. If I'm not working, I feel like I'm wasting my time.
  • The world has always been like a comic book world to me.
  • With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Technology isn't a villain. Technology should help, but if you just use technology for the sake of technology, then you're cheating your audience. You're not giving them the best story and best direction and so forth.
  • All I thought when I wrote my stories was, "I hope that these comic books would sell so I can keep my job and continue to pay the rent." Never in a million years could I have imagined that it would turn into what it has evolved into nowadays. Never.
  • I think it's just the challenge. It's not that all my life I've wanted to do characters because I never particularly thought about it, but the challenge of saying, "How could they be done differently that may be more absorbing or more effective?"
  • If Shakespeare and Michelangelo were alive today, and if they decided to collaborate on a comic, Shakespeare would write the script and Michelangelo would draw it. How could anybody say that this wouldn't be as worthwhile an artform as anything on earth?

Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

  • Comic books sort of following with the movie- if people see the movie and if they're interested in the character and want to see more of the character, they start buying the comic books. So a good movie helps the sale of the comic books and the comic books help the movie and one hand washes the other. So, I don't think there's any reason to think that comics will die out.
  • Reading is very good. And you can Quote me.
  • What did Doctor Doom really want? He wanted to rule the world. Now, think about this. You could walk across the street against a traffic light and get a summons for jaywalking, but you could walk up to the police and say "I want to rule the world", and there's nothing he can do about it, that is not a crime. Anybody can want to rule the world. So, even though he was the Fantastic Four's greatest menace, in my mind, he was never a criminal.
  • Some people will say, "Why read a comic book? It stifles the imagination. If you read a novel you imagine what people are like. If you read a comic, it's showing you." The only answer I give is, "You can read a Shakespeare play, but does that mean you wouldn't want to see it on the stage?
  • The only time I go on the set is when I have a cameo to do in the picture. I go to the set and I do my little cameo and I meet all the people. It's a great way to spend the day. And then I go back to my own world.
  • I never understood why people take drugs. They're habit forming and they can kill you.
  • If there are people who like the work you've done, because of that, they like you and want your autograph and to take a photo, that's really gratifying. You have to be appreciative.
  • Most people say," I can't wait to retire so I can play golf," or go yachting or whatever they do. Well, if I was playing golf, I would want that to finish so I could go and dream up a new TV show.
  • When I was a kid, I loved reading Sherlock Holmes. Now, you don't think of him as a superhero, but he was so damn much smarter than anybody else.
  • These stories of people with unusual powers and unusual appearances, who do unusual things, people are always fascinated by them.
Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

  • I thought it would be fun to take the kind of character that nobody would like, none of our readers would like, and shove them down their throats and make them like him.
  • Negative information is that which, immediately upon acquiring, causes the recipient to know less than he did before.
  • If you wanna be artist carry sketch pad with you, and sketch everything you see. get so you can draw anything and it looks like what it's supposed to be. It's a lot of work, but if you really have it in you, it's not like work. It becomes fun.
  • Singing a song, playing sports- anything that entertains, that takes people away from their own problems, is good.
  • Virtually every kid is exposed to giants and ogres and talking wolves, and so forth. And magic. And I think you never outgrow your love for those imaginative, fanciful, far-fetched, fantastic characters and situations.
  • There's never a time when I'm not working. I don't take vacations.
  • I think people are interested in anything that's a little bigger than life and that's colorful and- you know, what they like? They like fairy tales for grownups.
  • I'm very proud of being a hack. It's why I've lived as long as I have, I think.
  • I don't wake up in the morning and say, wow I've got a great idea for a story. But I sit down, and I figure well, let's see.
  • There's just something that feels nice about holding a comic book.
  • If you're writing about a character, unless you give him vulnerability I don't think he'll be as interesting to the reader.
Inspiring Quotes from Stan Lee

  • I enjoyed reading Batman, and Superman, and all the super ones, but I never wished I created them. I've got to let there be some work for other people.
  • The comic book industry has turned into the wellspring for all of these movies that are all based on comic books.
  • Every day, there's a new development. There's no limit to the things that are happening.
  • I don't think you ever outgrow your love for things that are bigger than life and more colorful than the average life. And somehow I feel that these comic book stories are like fairy tales for older people because they have the same qualities.
  • Luck is one of the most important things in the world and really has a role to play in everything, and in marriage, I've been lucky enough to be married to the same girl for all these years.
  • I always figure I'm not unique, and something that would please me hopefully would please a lot of other people that have the same tastes that I do.
  • That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done and because It is the right thing to do is indeed without a doubt a real superhero.
  • Another definition of a hero is someone who is concerned about other people's well being and will go out of his or her way to help them- even if there is no chance of reward.
  • Your human slaughter each other because of the color of your skin, or your politics- or for no reason at all- too many of you hate as easily as you draw breath.

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