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7 Principles Of Eagle: Hey there! Have you ever wondered why Eagles are called the King of Birds? Well in this article you are going to know what are the characteristics of an eagle? Also, this article will provide you tips on applying these 7 Principles Of Eagle in your life.

7 Principles Of Eagle

Before moving on, Keep in mind that if you seriously put these 7 Principles in your life you can yourself see the change. We should always try to learn from our surroundings as it can teach us more than any other person. Principle 7 is one of the Globally known principles. So don't miss that one out!

So, Lets Begin.

                            7 PRINCIPLES OF EAGLE

#1: Eagles always fly alone at a high altitude:

7 Principles Of Eagle

The thing is that Eagles always tend to fly alone at a high altitude. They never fly with a sparrow or any other little bird, as they know that sparrow cannot reach the height at which Eagle flies.

They just don't want to share the privilege with any other little bird to fly with them. Eagle knows his strength and weaknesses and flies alone at a high altitude.

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

So, Just like the Eagle, you should also make friends or you should be in a group which has the same intention or goal and can go to your height by pushing their limits. 

Okay, So, let's break it down with an example:

You probably have watched sports in your life. Well, in games like Football, Cricket, etc. the teams have a common goal and same intention. Now, Imagine if all the members of the team have different goals and limits. 

Well, then the team would not be able to complete the task and play at their best.

So, this Characteristic of Eagle teaches us that we should always try to be in a group which can motivate you and can think up to your limit.
In business as well you can motivate your people or colleagues to push their limit for the best outcome.
If you are a student then motivate your friends or try to be in a friend circle which can help you to become better every day.

As it is stated that:
"The coming 5 years of your life will be totally dependent on the 5 people     you spend your most time with"  

#2: Eagles have a clear Goal Statement:

7 Principles Of Eagle

Okay, we know that eagles have a clear and strong vision. An eagle can site his prey from almost 5km away. But the interesting part in this principle is that, let's say if the eagle has decided to make a rodent as its prey, then believe me if you keep 10 rabbits in a row in front of him, an Eagle will always follow his goal and will catch the rodent.

Eagles have a clear and most importantly strong goal statement. 

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

Just like the eagle, you should also remain focused and stick to your decision, no matter what obstacle or distraction come in your way and believe me you will succeed.

This principle is great for Students as if a student knows how to make a good decision and has made a strong and bold decision about what he wants to achieve in his life then he/she can surely make a difference. He can also perform well in his exams!

A clear goal statement will always help you to succeed. 

One of the best methods that I will suggest you is to write a journal every morning. I personally write a journal and It has been exceptionally well. Writing Journal is a great habit and most of the successful people do it.

Just write down the goals that you want to accomplish within the day, week or month.

#3: Eagles never eat dead and decayed things:

7 Principles Of Eagle

So what It means? 

You would be like- "I know that! I never eat rotten chips."

But my friend, here I am not talking about the edible stuff. Here Dead and decayed things mean the old information that you are constantly feeding to your brain. As junk food is injurious to your body and can have negative effects, Similarly if you keep feeding your brain old information and junk items, your brain will become rusted.

Now, what I mean by Junk Stuff that you are feeding your brain-

The junk things are:

Unwanted negative comments that you always listen from the people around you and you start feeling guilty and close yourself inside the walls of depression and anxiety.

The visual negativity which you see through your 32-inch Television and old thinking that you are carrying with yourself and trying to pass it on to the coming generation.

Listening to needless songs, reading unwanted books and making friends that indulge there thinking into you.

So, how can you make your brain healthy once again?
Start Meditating, read motivational and self-improvement book. Or read any other fictional book. Just try to keep the habit of reading. Read newspapers to keep yourself updated. Listen to podcasts to improve vocabulary and listening skills.

So become like an eagle and don't force your brain to eat the junk or decayed food.

#4: Eagles love the storm:

7 Principles Of Eagle

It's one of my favorite principles so far, Eagles love the storm. You know when cloud gathers, the eagle gets excited. It uses the storm's wind to lift itself higher. He flies above the cloud meanwhile all the other birds hide in the trees.

Eagle never sees the storm as a difficulty but take it as a challenge. The thunder always welcomes the eagle with its loud roar.

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

We should also use our weaknesses, problems as a medium to get higher, to get at that level of success when all others are scared of doing it. 

Your biggest fear is your biggest strength. Don't look at problems as they are. See them as an opportunity to prove yourself when all others are waiting for some magic to happen. You can become that magic! It is all about how you see your condition.

It reminds me of a great story :

This incident happened a few years back in Rome. It was a sunny afternoon. A woman was walking by a few laborers. She asked one of them-"what are you doing?". He replied-"Don't you see? I am breaking stones". She then walked a few meters more and asked another worker the same question. But the answer was a bit surprising. He smiled and replied-"I am helping to make the world's tallest cathedral." 

See that?

It all depends upon how we perceive our difficulties.

#5: Eagle tests before it trust:

7 Principles Of Eagle

The Eagle test before it trust. So, before mating, the female eagle picks a twig and goes up in the air and drops it. The male eagle catches it. Then she picks the twig and goes to a more higher altitude and drop it from there and the male catches it once again, and this process continues till the female eagle trusts the male.

The female eagle do these things just to test the commitment of the male eagle.

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

So, just like the eagle, we should also test the commitment of the partner or the person in business and in personal life.
If you easily trust the other person it will only result in your disadvantage. 

In business, this principle can help you a lot in the long run if you are working in partnership with a person.

1 Bonus Tip that I will give you here is :

Speak less. Many great leaders have said it and here's the reason why. Whenever you talk to a person just speak less. This will create an image of mystery in the other person's mind and an attempt to make you speak more, the other person might share his/her weaknesses. 

This method is also one of the Communication Skill that you need to learn if you want to add value to your every word you speak.

#6: Eagles are risk takers by birth:

7 Principles Of Eagle

It is also one of the interesting principles.

When the female eagle is ready to lay eggs it goes to high altitude place where no other predator can reach. Meanwhile, the male eagle makes the nest like-

The center is covered with soft grass and the outer layer is covered with spines. During the time of training of these young ones the female eagle throws them out and then takes off the soft layer, and when these young ones try to come back they are hurt by the spines. With no choice, they jump to fly and the father eagle catches them.

This process continues until the baby eagles learn to fly.

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

So, you just have seen that eagles are risk takers by birth. This principle teaches us to be ready for the change that our surrounding has to offer us. It also teaches us that actually jumping out of the comfort zone can make a person stronger, which is also a Habit of Successful Person.

You can yourself see the people around you who are constantly trying to be in the safe zone. You know the thing is, Every successful person you see or you know, are successful because they have mastered this principle and they are always ready to jump out of their comfort zone.

Remember that Eagle loves storm? Just become that eagle and fly like a king!


7 Principles Of Eagle

So you have made it so far. Congratulations, because you are going to become an eagle and you are just 1 step away. Remember I told you that Principle 7 is one of the Globally known principles.

Well, you will know why it is like that? 

When an eagle grows old, basically it's his last moments on the planet earth. It goes to a high altitude and now he has got 2 options with him that will decide his future.

Either he can just stay there and wait for till the god permits him to leave this heavenly planet or If he wants to live a few years more, he can pluck all his feathers, break his beak and chop off his nails.

Believe me, Eagle every time chooses the second option. Even though it is painful, you can imagine it yourself, but to remain king, and to die like a king he just does it!

Firstly, Eagle plucks all his feathers, break his nails and beat his beak on a sharp stone till it comes off.

He remains in that condition for a few days, and when he gets new wings and grows new nails and beak, he just flies and covers the entire earth beneath the shadow of its wings.

How you can apply this Principle in your life?

Just like the eagle, we should occasionally shed our old habits and build new ones. The new habits can be the healthy food that you can feed to your mind. Just leave those old habits and don't feed your mind more junk stuff. You know what I am talking about!

Habits are very essential, especially if you want to add value to your life. We will be posting an article on:


So, In this article, we have discussed the 7 Principles of an Eagle. You may have also learned about various other things like What are the qualities of an eagle? Does the eagle fly higher than any other bird? etc.

If you also want to become an eagle then you should go through from each of the given principles.

For a few of you who may have forgotten all the Characteristics of Eagle, here is a quick recap:

  • Eagles fly alone at a high altitude.
  • Eagles have a clear goal statement.
  • Eagles never eat dead and decayed things.
  • Eagles Love Storm.
  • Eagles test before it trusts.
  • Eagles are risk takers by birth.
  • Principle 7: Surprise!


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