Purpose of Life: What Is The Purpose Of Your Life 2019?

Purpose of Life: Hey there! Have you ever wondered -What is the purpose of my life? Well, I have thought that. In almost any sphere of our life, we have questioned ourselves-Actually why am I here? Am I here to compete? Am I here to be sad? Am I here to be lonely? Am I here to live life according to society? Am I here to just die? What is my Purpose? Read on and You will Get Purpose of Your Life.

Purpose of Life

Purpose Of Life

There was once a moment in my life when I thought about the purpose of life. And I am sure that everyone would have asked these kinds of questions to themselves once in their lifetime.

So what's the real answer to all these questions that arise in our heads and which stick to ourselves throughout the day! There is only one answer that would satisfy all your questions.

And that is - You are here to CREATE!

You are here to create a friendly environment, You are here to create a better society, You are here to create the World, You are here to create impossible, You are here to create the FUTURE!

So exactly how you can create a better environment for yourself and the wonderful people around you? We will be sharing 5 Core Principles that will help you to answer all these questions and start living an awesome life which is not accompanied by the question- What is my purpose in life?

#1: Have a Purpose in Life

Purpose of Life

The first principle is pretty simple. You should have a purpose in your life which will keep you moving and will keep you motivated so that you can live a life that you can't even imagine!

Having a purpose in life is so important that without it you will live your life meaninglessly.
The great Leaders in the world today are successful because they walked on the path they chose. They walked on the path that leads to success.

They walked on the path which will give them an advantage and will help them to conquer their Purpose.

So exactly Why there is a need for a purpose or a goal in life?

Let's break it down with an example.

Imagine If you are sent to a room which already has 4 Mighty and Strong looking guys.
And What if they told you that these 4 Men will be going to beat you till you count your last breath.

The immediate and common sense of most people will suggest them to escape from there.

But, now let us change the scenario a little bit.

Now, what if these same 4 Men are not beating you, but are beating your Father. No Offence here but all I want to say here is, in the second case you will not think that much. You would just jump right in and you will have just one thing in your mind- I HAVE TO SAVE MY FATHER!

These are the same 4 Men once you were afraid of.

So what is the difference between these two scenarios?

Well, there is only one difference and that is- In the first case you didn't have a purpose to fight those Dangerous looking men. But in the second case, you had a big Purpose for Fighting the same 4 Men.

Just Imagine if an athlete is running a race without a purpose and without a mindset of winning the trophy, the athlete will lose the race and believe me, that athlete will not even try to participate in the competition.

So, Find a purpose in your life. Ask yourself Questions like:
What is my Passion?
What are the things that I love?
What is my deepest fear?
What do I want to achieve in my life?
How I want to spend my Life?

Just write answers to these questions and believe me if you are truly committed to having a meaningful life then you will find your purpose!

Life is so short my friend to make it as meaningful as possible. Make your life so big that other's would look small. Live a life that you and the whole world will remember, Live a kind of life that even when you are gone, everyone would remember your name and will drive their inspiration from you!

So have a purpose in your life.

#2: Improve Communication Skills

Purpose of Life

The second important principle which would help you to create the world you want is one of the most important skills that many Great leaders in the world including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Winston Churchill, and many others have mastered.

Communication skills will not only help you to become a great leader but it will also help you to get into the minds and hearts of the people around you. Leaders in the world have Created their destiny because every word they spoke moved the audience.

Every letter they spoke just melted that hearts of every person they met.

Improving Communication is great for Managers, Teachers, Students, etc. Improved Communication Skill will help you to succeed in business as well. You will get to know the mindsets of your customers by communicating.

The thing is that in this materialistic world is busy in their own life neglecting the people around them. They think that the words just are a free gift that the god has given them. They just use words as they wish.

If you truly want to know the power of words then think of those people who are not able to speak.
Words are not a free gift of nature as everyone thinks it is. Words are that bridge that would lead to the other person's heart. 

Words have POWER! Why you feel motivated after hearing motivational songs? Why you feel happy when someone compliments you? Why you feel sad when someone doesn't speak nicely to you?

These kind of emotions are just because of the power of words. Use them Carefully my friend or you will lose the people in your life and you will forget what is your life's real purpose?

So how will Improving Communication skills will benefit and help you to Create!

Well by improving communication skills:
  • You can win people's hearts.
  • You can get into the minds of other people.
  • You can Understand the other person you are talking to which will help you to Depper your relations.
  • You will be able to Move People by your words.
  • You will be able to develop and produce positive thinking in the whole society.
  • You will be able to Inspire others and motivate others to accomplish their life goals.

There are a lot of advantages in improving communication skills. So try to work it out and you will surely see the difference. You can improve your communication skills by reading this post on how to improve communication skills. HERE.

#3: Build Strong Habits

Purpose of Life

The third principle which will help you to create a better future for yourself is by building strong habits. Habits are so important because who are you as a person will totally depend on what you do daily. 

They have a wonderful effect on what you will achieve in your day to day life cycle. Many great leaders have built some of the strongest habits that have helped them to conquer the world. 

The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that the successful person knows the importance of his actions. He knows that the tree which will grow in the future will be totally dependent on what type of seeds he is putting in the soil in the present. 

So, habits have a great impact to shape your life and your personality. Habits are just a 6 letter word but have an impact on both your professional and personal life. Successful people like Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, etc. knows the potential of habits.

Just make small dots daily and you will surely get a picture if you join them. Just put in a little bit of effort but every day and you will Create a better Future for yourself.

So, Exactly what are those habits that you should always include in your life?

  • These are the list of some wonderful habits that will guide you towards success:
  • Wake Up Early.
  • Do Meditation.
  • Read Books.
  • Write down a journal-Write down all your goals and the things you are grateful of.
  • Every morning recite affirmations like "Today I will do my best to achieve my goal" and see the difference.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Eat Healthy food.
  • Visualize the day, which many great leaders call - "Back From the Future".
These are some of the habits that you can try out which will help you to perform at your workplace, school, college or wherever you go.

I am not saying to follow each of the enlisted things but try to follow at least one of them daily.

We will be also posting an article Habits of Successful people in which we will be discussing all of these habits in more detail.

#4: Be addicted to Knowledge

Purpose of Life

The fourth principle which is also beneficial if you want to Create a marvelous and better you as well as a better society and flourish a great and positive mentality to the people around you is that you should always be addicted to gain knowledge.

I don't need to tell you the importance of knowledge because already you would know that for living in this competitive world where everyone is just trying to establish total supremacy over other, Knowledge can be a great key to success.

Knowledge will only help you to grow and is one of the important steps towards self-development.

Many successful people out there are just hungry towards the information they can get so that they can master themselves in almost any field. 

You would be surprised to know that Bill Gates still read at least 40 Pages of a book daily. He is just hungry for the knowledge and always tries to find different sources from where he can get it!

So, be obsessed with getting knowledge because it can have a great impact on your life.

What are the sources from where you can get unlimited knowledge? 

There are multiple sources from where you can get a good amount of knowledge according to your field and interest:
  • Read Books. I have already mentioned that it is definitely one of the most important habits that I have mentioned earlier.
  • Listen to audio-books on various matters like Leadership, Team Building, Relations, Positive attitude and many other things which would have a direct impact on your life and will strengthen your character.
  • Read Newspapers to improve your current affairs.
  • If you don't have time to read newspapers, then just download Media applications on your phone and just read important news and headlines.
  • Observe the people around you. You would not only get information about different types of people that are there in the world but you can use this trick to effectively communicate with the person.
  • The Internet is the biggest source of knowledge that you can use to feed your brain healthy stuff that I have explained about in detail in the post 7 Principles Of Eagle.


#5: Become a Great Leader

Purpose of Life

The final principle which will help you to create the unimaginable future for you and the people around you is also one of the characteristic features that you should build to influence the people and a lead a better life, is, that you should become a great leader.

Leadership is also the most common trait that you would notice in Billionaires and Multi-Billionaires. They are just so good at it!

Leadership also plays an important role in business.

Leadership can be built along the course of your life. Nowadays, people have a strange mindset that Leadership is all about strict behavior towards their teammates. Leaders are no the one who always scold or point out the mistakes of his/her teammates but a real leader is one who appreciates a person for the hard work and dedication that he has shown.

Many Business Heads are just too strict towards their employees. They take stress themselves and just transfer the burden on to their colleagues. 

Instead of criticizing or pointing out the mistake the other person has made, you should inspire him/her to not overthink about the past and just concentrate in Present so that he/she could boost his performance and can play at their best.

Let's make it simple with an example:

If your teammate makes any mistake, then, don't shout at him/her as it would only lead to a feeling of disgrace in their minds. They will be demotivated and will directly be prone to stress.
You can guide the person by saying, "I know that there have been few mistakes but just don't think over that much. Learn from it. You have got a wonderful opportunity to make it all happen again. And believe me, You can do it!". 

By using these powerful words, there will be a direct impact on the other person. He will be not only more confident, Happy and Motivated again but also he will create an image of you as his/her mentor. They would come to you for any suggestions and you can win their trust.

If each of your teammates will think to become a leader then there will be an amazing boost in the amount of production and creativity that would spark inside each of your teammates.

You have to remind them of a powerful Philosophy that - You need no title to be a leader!

In every organization, people have another strange type of thought process that to become a leader they need a title. But the thing here is you should learn to become a leader without a title.

For sure, Titles are important for a Company but these titles just should not bind you or indulge you. Because once that title is taken away from you, you would just feel discouraged and will be an average performer again. So learn to become a leader without a title. 

We will be soon sharing a post on how to lead without a title, don't miss that out by subscribing us!


So, here is the conclusion.

Ask powerful questions to yourself so that each answer that you would get will also be a powerful one.

The answer to this question - What is the purpose of my life? , that you keep asking yourself is the most powerful question that you have asked yourself. Be proud because not many people have a purpose in their life.

The sole purpose why we are here is that we are here to Create.

We are here to create a powerful and amazing life for ourselves and for others. Believe me, If you will try to enjoy every bit and every moment of your life with the same level of excitement and amusement then each and every moment of your life will be worth remembering.

Just don't come to your life end realizing that you have not lived the real life that was meant to live.

Every breath you take is a wonderful gift of God. 
"Just don't be upset on past and do no overthink about the future.Live in this  moment and make every moment of your life worth remembering."
I think we have accomplished the task of giving the answer to one of the most difficult question-What is the Purpose of your life?

By these five principles, you will be able to CREATE an amazing world for you and the lovely people surrounding you!

  • Have a Purpose in Life.
  • Improve Communication Skills.
  • Build strong habits.
  • Be addicted to knowledge.
  • Become a great Leader.
Now You have the power of accomplishing anything that will make your life meaningful. Apply these 5 Principles in your life and you will surely see the difference in the way you are living and the response that people are giving to you. My friend, Just find your purpose of life and build a roadmap on how to get to your goal and become a revolution and join the 1% Club!!


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