How To Lead Without an Authority : 4 Tips From Robin Sharma

Lead Without Authority: Hey there! Do you want to know, How to Lead without authority, then The Leader Who Had No Title book is one of my recommendation that you should read which is written by one of the renowned authors, Robin Sharma.

This book is all about helping you to get into yourself and search that inbuilt leader who is eager to conquer the world and lead his team and organization towards success.

In this article, we will be sharing key points and features of this book by Robin Sharma. As a Whole, it is a Summary of Leader Who Had No Title.

The Leader Who Had No Title

So, before I unwrap some crucial and best tactics in front of you of the Lead Without a Title philosophy, For all those readers who don't know who is Robin Sharma and Why exactly should you listen to him?
Then here's a Small introduction.

Who is Robin Sharma?

Robin Sharma is a Canadian Writer, Motivational Speaker and Author of the best selling novel series-The Monk who Sold his Ferrari. He has helped many Companies and Organizations to skyrocket there performance by learning his key Leadership and Personal Mastery tactics. 

Many Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Billionaires take advantage of his powerful mastery sessions which have helped millions of people, including me, to unleash the leader within and to become successful in Life.

He has Worked with many MNC's like Nike, Microsoft, HP, Nasa, etc.

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So with that being said, Let's get to the Main Stuff.


In this Summary of The Leader who had no Title, We will be thoroughly discussing the ways to lead without a Title. In this book, you live the life of an Army Veteran, named Tommy Flinn, who is struggling to get back on track and is eager to find the true meaning of his life.

Over the course of the book, he meets 4 People which greatly impact his life. They all provide specific acronyms which are helpful for people like me who easily forget what was read.

Each acronym has a deep meaning and is helpful to learn the Lead without a Title Philosophy.

This book has helped me to not live my life as a Victim anymore and has helped me to take control of my own life. Whether you are a student like me, or Teacher, Businessman, or any other person, Believe me, this book will definitely help you to awaken the Leader within yourself.

If you want to make your life big so that when you die, you should have a smile of satisfaction on your face then keep reading on!

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#1: You need no TITLE to be a LEADER:

The Leader Who Had No Title


So, as I said the book is all about acronyms which will help you to learn the rules for personal mastery.
Let's look at the first acronym, which is IMAGE

I:   Innovation
M: Mastery
A: Authenticity
G: Guts
E: Ethics


Here the author is trying to convey the message to the readers, the need for innovation nowadays. People are simply copying others and are trying to portray others, and in this effort, people have lost themselves.

They forgot who they really are?

Many business leaders have struggled to sell their products because nowadays, due to Globalization and expanding reach of products to the consumers, the market is becoming so much narrow and every other company launches the same product as there competitor in order to generate sales.

Due to this, the companies are not offering a true and serious choice to the people or consumers.

To overcome this situation, the companies should look forward to launching such an Innovative product which was not around for ages and people were desperately waiting for it.

That's why companies are trying to hire those individuals who have a creative mindset and innovative minds that would help the companies to generate some sales.

Innovation is a key factor that makes you stand apart from the crowd. To become a Leader without a Title a person should work on his creativity and mindset so that he/she can lead his/her team towards glory and success.

Successful Leaders like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. have very impressionable minds. They are eager to learn new things. In order to lead without a title, a person should work on his creativity, skills and out of the box thinking.

So, be innovative in any way and try to be different from the crowd, so that you would stand out and everyone will see a leader in you!


When you think of a leader, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? A leader is a person who is an expert in something, that's why people like to follow him and try to learn from him.

So, the second rule to lead without a title is Mastery.

You should be good at something, then only you will be able to lead. Nowadays, people are eager to learn from others and particularly the experts from their field.

Mastery can be in any task like Communication Skill, Leadership Skills, Orating or Narrating Skills, Business Skills, etc. Build Relations with your colleagues, in order to strengthen your communication skill.

In personal Life also, take up a hobby which you like and try to be the best in that task.

The Leader who had no Title book is all about to be the best in the world. The author says, that if you are doing something then give your 100% for that action.

Work as if you are painting a picture like Picasso. Even the street sweeper should be best in his work so that after he dies, people should remember him by saying that "Here lived a great sweeper."

So, work on yourself and try to be the best in the world.


The real meaning of authenticity is to be real or true. Like I said in the first Rule, people are trying to imitate others and they are living a fake life. They have lost themselves.

Every Morning when they wake up and get ready to go to the work they wear a fake smile, the loser's mindset and leave their heart at home. They try to portray themselves as others.

Just remember the last time you seriously gave time to yourself. Just remember the time when you didn't live your life according to society

Remember, Great leaders, are authentic and unique.

They make a mark of their own names and leave an impact on the life of others. They don't copy anyone. They take responsibility for their own life.

So, Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself a question, Am I living my life as "ME" or as a "VICTIM".


Here's one of the important rule which will help you to lead without a title.

What do you mean by having guts?

Having guts is to have Courage, Confidence, and Conviction to stand up to your beliefs and take necessary actions to become successful in life.

Do you want to quit your job? But you don't have that confidence and Courage to do it. You don't have the GUTS!

If you want to do something then do it or otherwise like I said if you wanted to quit your job and you didn't, the entire life there will be a regret in corner of your heart that I should have gathered the courage to take that action. I know it will be difficult for you but to become successful in life sometimes you have to jump out of your comfort zone.

So, don't fear to stand up for your beliefs. Gather courage for the things that you always wanted to do but you didn't have that confidence. Whether it was to quit your job and start your own business or to be number 1 in the world.

So, Do you have the GUTS to become a  Leader?


To become a Leader without a title, you should have that personality that would touch everyone's heart.

Ethics are those Moral principles that govern your life and help you to build strong relations in your workplace and in your personal life.

Ethics are a simple and small day to day activities that help you to be polite and behave like a gentleman, like say Thank You, when someone helps you. Say excuse me, instead of interrupting anyone, etc. Ethics can be in work as well.

Respect others. Concentrate on the conversation that is taking place between you and the other person. Don't look down upon others and try to help everyone around you.

By using these small words, you can earn respect from others, because you are respecting others.

So, the next time when you go to a restaurant, just say thank you to the waiter who had served you, your meal, and have a smile on your face and note the person's reaction.

#2: Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders:

The Leader Who Had No Title


In the second leadership conversation of the Lead Without a Title Philosophy, the author is trying to convey the message that leaders always emerge during tough times.

The best examples are the global leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. have emerged during turbulent times. They were a leader without a title and later on, they earned titles before their name.

So, Now let's look at the second acronym which is;

S: Speak with Candor
P: Prioritize
A: Adversity Breeds Opportunity
R: Respond Vs React
K: Kudos to Everyone


Do you remember the last time when someone spoke to you honestly or politely? 
How you felt after the way the person spoke to you?

If the person has spoken to you with politeness then probably you were happy by knowing the fact that the person talks so respectfully to everyone. And if the person rebuked very rudely then probably you would be thinking that the person's way of talking to people is very bad. The same situations arise before others when you talk to them.
We know the power of words as I have discussed in this article.

But do we actually speak with Candor? people nowadays are not open towards conversation and if you want to emerge as a leader then you should know how to talk to people. From a business perspective, to be honest in front of your consumers will help you to retain their trust in you.

How you can be honest with your customers?
Just maintain transparency in front of consumers of the process that takes place during manufacturing of a product or tell them what variations or changes your company has applied to the product in order make that product more valuable for the consumers.

Eg: Amazon offers the consumers to track their orders. They can know where is their order currently and can even get all information related to the shipment process. This is called transparency or to be Honest.
So, always try to be polite and honest with people around you, then only you would be seen as a respected person and probably as a Leader.


Prioritizing is a great way to save your time, that you are wasting to do some useless things.

Prioritizing will help you to learn your responsibility towards your family, friends and to yourself.

A leader is not a person who works day and night ignoring his interests, his family or his friends. Actually, a leader is someone who has a perfect balance between his work life and his personal life.

So, instead of wasting your crucial time in doing things which will not help you to reach your goal, you should give priority to your work and your most important wealth, your family and friend.

Give time to yourself, write down Journal or build a hobby or maybe go out with your family on vacation.


Adversity is the situation of a tough time like the one we have talked about earlier. So, to know whether you will become a leader or not, just test yourself during harsh conditions. Just test yourself during pressure conditions where all the problems are rushing towards you one after the other.

There is a phase in everyone's life when he/she is depressed and just don't know how to come out of it. A true leader is the one who doesn't cry on what had happened but instead, he believes in himself that he can gather himself and can travel the journey again with the same confidence and courage.

Whenever you are in the worst phase of your life and you feel like quitting, just remind yourself why you started it?

You know maybe the problem that you are thinking is too big will not have any impact after 4-5 years. During that time you would think, that how stupid I was to take such a small problem as a big deal.

Eg: Just remember the time when you were younger and you tried to convince your parents to let you buy your favorite toy or chocolate. When they refused for some reason, you would think that it is the worst phase of your life and you cried upon such a small situation.

So, every problem has a solution within, you just have to gain that mindset to find the solution and believe me this time will pass by! 


You know life sometimes unfold very awkward situations in front of us and we are so confused that we quickly judge the situation and jump up to a conclusion which may not be always right.
This is called Reacting.

Reacting is something when you don't think about the stuff and just react or just take actions or assume conclusions that may not be always correct.

A true leader never "Reacts". Instead he "Responds".

He closely looks at the situation from every perspective and keenly observes the opportunity and consequences of his actions which may gain him long term effects. It's an art that you can master to deal with every tough situation in your life.

Actionable Tip:
Just take a pen in your hand and write down your past bad experiences,  and then try to recognize in each situation whether you reacted or you responded.
Believe me, it will help you to analyze your actions and you can learn from them so that if any situation like this arises in front of you, then you can easily deal with it.


Praising your teammates is one of the biggest quality of a Leader. There was a notion for a long time that a leader is someone who is strict towards his employees and he/she do not appreciate the achievement of a person.

But, the Leader without a Title philosophy suggests that you should always praise your teammates or colleagues for even small achievements. This increases their confidence and boosts their morale.

They will also see you as their leader because you will be the one who will give them the appreciation for which they have done all the hard work.

A leader without a Title is someone who builds more leaders within the team so that every person can perform at their best which would indirectly benefit the company or organization.

In personal Life as well, give appreciation to yourself and to your kids and see the smile on their face.

#3: The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership:

The Leader Who Had No Title


So, we all know that great leaders are great because they know how to connect with the audience. They have improved the most essential skill for success and that is Communication Skill. This is also one of the Habits of Successful people.

In order to be a Leader without a Title, you must first learn to build strong relations and bond with each and every person you come across throughout your day. How to build those Relations?

Let's find out with another acronym, which is;

H: Helpfulness
U: Understanding
M: Mingle
A: Amuse
N: Nurture


So, let's start with the basics.

We all know that to build strong relation a person should help another person. But do you really help others?

The next day just note how many people you helped and what was your experience?

So, helping others is the primary thing to do if you want to build a strong relationship so that you can emerge as a Leader. 
Studies have shown that helping others may decrease Blood Pressure by lowering social anxiety and fear among individuals. Also, helping others make us happy.

So, why don't you help others and take advantage of these scientific benefits?


The second step or rule to build and deepen your relationship is Understanding.

 During conversations, how many times has it happened to you that you were not able to understand or spread the message that the other person wanted to convey?

Well, it happened with me many times.

The main problem with us is that we don't concentrate on the conversation that is taking place and our mind just wanders here and there thinking too many stuff instead of understanding what the other person wants to say.

In business as well, it's important to understand the needs and aspirations of the consumers, then only you can build a valuable and helpful product for your loyal customers.

So, understand what the other person is trying to convey?

And also comment down below the last time you concentrated on to the conversation that was occurring between you and the other person. 


In order to build strong relationships with other people, you need to meet them!

So, try to mingle or mix with your surrounding and try to know the people around you. In order to Lead without a Title, you need to gain other people's trust and respect.

And the first step towards it would be to introduce yourself to others. o to group parties, meetings or even go out for dinner or lunch or "BRUNCH".

All I am saying is try to mix with other people and learn from them. Ask their hobbies, interests, what they love, what they hate? and exchange ideas and dreams with them. It would help you to build a positive atmosphere and will help you to overcome the problem of Social Anxiety.

So, the next time when your friends plan a party, just don't say NO!


If you ask anyone what is the best trait that you like about another person? 

Then most of them will reply that they love people who make them laugh or are humorous.

Now to be humorous is not like to act like a joker. You have to be funny in a way. You have to attract people with your oration skills, leadership skills, communication skills, etc. and Amuse them.

When others are tensed and the atmosphere is all heated up, just lighten your surrounding by diverting their minds towards more interesting topics. A true Leader is one, who keeps his teammates happy even in worst situations.

So, to Lead without a Title, Just be interesting in some way and build your personality as a Charismatic person.


As I have already told you that a great leader is someone who builds more leaders. To builds more leaders you have to understand them. You have to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

And to identify their strengths and weaknesses, first, you have to build a relationship with them. You should care and handle them with care. Don't demotivate a person or don't scold or shout at anyone when the person doesn't play at their best.

Instead, motivate them to take action and help them to develop themselves. Help them to excel in their lives. Help them so that they would help you when you need them.

So, to build strong relations with anyone first push them forward and make them successful as well, or in simple words, we can say, you should NURTURE them.

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#4: To be Great Leader, First Become a Great Person:

The Leader Who Had No Title


To become a Leader without a Title, you have to work on yourself first. Because without working on yourself and without leading yourself, how can you Lead others?

So, to become a Great Leader, first, become a Great Person. With that being said, here's the final acronym for the Lead without a title philosophy;

S: See Clearly
H: Health is Wealth
I: Inspiration Matters
N: Neglect Not Your Family
E: Elevate your Lifestyle


Now, what I mean by seeing clearly?

Here, the author, Robin Sharma is trying to convey a most powerful leadership quality which is found in almost every successful people. They are Visionaries! 

Before traveling the path they took, first they dreamt of it. They had a clear image of what they want to do in life. And to become a Leader, first, you have to set a goal for yourself. 
Just ask yourself - where do I see myself in 5 Years?

Most people are confused in their lives, and they don't know what they want from life. They are just following the crowd. Instead, make a plan and set a goal for yourself and do whatever you can to achieve that goal.
So, be a Visionary and see the FUTURE!


We all know this one but still, we neglect it. And that is OUR HEALTH!

Mental Physical fitness, both are necessary for a person to be Healthy. Eat healthy food, do exercise every morning or at least do Meditation for 20 minutes and see the powerful change that I have experienced in my life.
Physical fitness is necessary because until you are fit and fone, you cannot lead others. Leaders are like idols for others and inspiration.

So, take care of your health and become that inspiration for others. 


Every person has problems and setbacks in his life, but as I told earlier, a true Leader is someone who fights all his weaknesses and problems and doesn't cry upon them.

Instead, they take actions to overcome those problems. And to overcome them, you need inspiration or motivation or we can simply say that you need a strong reason for something to achieve.

If you are just doing something and you get tired or you feel demotivated then probably you have not got a strong enough reason for that task.

For students, studying is like hectic work because they don't know why they are studying?

Find a great and strong reason that would not let you sleep until you have achieved your goal. And a true Leader is someone who will do anything to achieve his goal.

So, find that Reason and use it as your Inspiration.


I have said this earlier as well and again the author is trying to remind us that we should not neglect our family.

Because at the end of the day, they would be the one who would support you when you are facing your hard times. They would be the one who would give you the inspiration to bounce back again.

A true Leader knows that his family is his Wealth and it's his priority to spend some time with his family.

So, don't hang up your mother's call, whenever she will call you!


 It's the part of that reason which you should give yourself to achieve your goals, as we have talked earlier.

So, Try to figure out which areas of your life you want to elevate your lifestyle. It may be you want to elevate the standard of your living by earning some good amount of Money or  It can be something that you wanted to purchase for so long and now you have the opportunity to do it.

Elevating lifestyle is a small gift that Leaders give to themselves. These are those materialistic things like Cars, Home, etc. which you would buy to elevate or enhance your livelihood which may be completely okay.

But don't be carried away with these things because it would only give you temporary satisfaction but the happiness of achieving your goal will give you long-lasting satisfaction.


So, following were the key factors or tricks to Lead without a Title. Believe me, if you imbibe these factors or tips in your life then the people around you will start seeing a Leader inside you. Also, you will feel a few changes that can be great to achieve your goals and aspirations that you always wanted to achieve.

For a few of them who may have forgotten the previous Acronyms, here's a quick recap:

I:   Innovation                                                                                                                                  
M: Mastery
A: Authenticity
G: Guts
E: Ethics                                     

S: Speak with Candor
P: Prioritize
A: Adversity Breeds Opportunity
R: Respond Vs React
K: Kudos to Everyone                                                      

H: Helpfulness
U: Understanding
M: Mingle
A: Amuse
N: Nurture

S: See Clearly
H: Health is Wealth
I: Inspiration Matters
N: Neglect Not Your Family
E: Elevate your Lifestyle

Obviously, it's difficult to share all the knowledge of the book The Leader Who Had No Title, So,  I would recommend you to at least read the book once to understand the whole concept. There are few more important things that we have not covered in our article and which is available in the book.

So, at least read the book once to unleash the true Leader within you.


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