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Little things in life that matter: Hey there! Most of us think that these are those big things that really matter in life but guess what? It's the Little Things in Life that matter. Small Things in Life matter because these are such important things in our Life but we Knowingly or Unknowingly just ignore it.

Small Things Matter in Life

So, in this article, we would be Sharing 21 Little things in life that matter.

But, before moving on, Let's understand what are these small things that matter in our life.

What are the Small Things in Our Life?

Why we say that Little Things matter in our life?

Most of the times, we are just thinking about our problems and our situations. For most of the time we are stressed out and we can't even enjoy ourselves at the moment.

We forget to smile. We forget to stay happy. Small things in Life can be Popping bubble wrap. In fact, it was my favorite leisure activity to perform and I enjoyed it.

Guess What? I still do it.

Why? Cause I enjoy it.

So, small things really matter and they have their own importance. These are the small things which act as a simple bonus reward of happiness and health that it provides throughout the day. 

So, don't ignore this pleasure moments. As these moments can become your most favorite memories that you will not be able to forget.

So, we talked about What are Small Things in Life? and the Importance of Little Things in our Lives.

Now, let's look at these 21 Little things that most of us neglect in our day to day lives.


#1: Help Others:

Small Things Matter in Life

I know, I know, it sounds a bit cliche. But the thing is that it's true. We should always help the wonderful people around us. 

Helping others is one of the finest quality of a human being. Many religions also claim that the purpose of HUMAN LIFE is to help other humans.

Just answer this;

When was the last time you helped anyone?

Well, here's a random fact;

Many biologists think that Helping others may reduce High Blood pressure rate which helps in preventing Heart Attacks. 

That's a bit crazy thing to know, isn't it?

So, try to help everyone around you. It will help you to build strong relations with the people around you. It also helps to create strong bonds between you and the other person. Helping others has many benefits.

Moreover, helping others is a Leadership Trait. Also, whenever you will need their help they will be present because you had helped them when they needed you the most.

#2: Stop Comparing Yourselves:

It is one of the most important Little things that most of us often neglect.

And that is Stop Comparing Yourselves.

A comparison is a trait of those people who have Low Self -Esteem. A comparison will always keep you in disadvantage and 99% of the time you will be sad or disheartened after comparing yourself with others. 

Here's the reason.

You will always be in a disadvantage as you will always compare yourself with the people who are above you. That means they are ahead of you or better than you in some cases, situations, or few skills. Thus, you will always be sad cause you will think that I am not worth it.

A Millionaire will not compare himself with a beggar. He will Compare himself with a Billionaire.

So, always remember that we compare ourselves with the people who are above us. That means you will always be in a downside. Moreover, you will start questioning your abilities. And, that's completely wrong.

Many a time, Parents start comparing their children with others. They don't understand that Comparison does not lead to any Healthy Competitive mindset. In fact, the parents would be taking away the self-confidence and dignity of their child.

Let me share an example with you from the book YOU CAN WIN By Shiv Khera.

Suppose a child comes home with a report card with five A's and one B. Usually the first thing his parents ill say is, "Why B?" What do you think will go through the child's mind? Did he try for the B? Or should his parents congratulate the child for the A?

So, Stop comparing yourself with others as everyone has their own skill and strengths which should not be compared with others. Always think that by comparing yourself with others, you are decreasing your dignity!

#3: Human Values:

Remember that I said to you that you should help everyone. Well, that was one of the Human Value.

With days passing by our moral and human values are decreasing. Maybe it's because of the social media which encourages not to obey rules and regulations as it is a very OLD style of thinking.

Today's generation is lacking human values. Its because the modern technology and the atmosphere has shaped the mindset and thought process of these individuals.

According to various mythologies and manuscript, There are almost 5 Fundamental Human Values:

  • TRUTH: We should always speak the truth. "Honesty is the best policy". You may have heard this line. And this is true. With honesty, a person can achieve anything he/she wants. Honesty is a practice as well as the quality of a good human being. So, be honest in your life always.
  • LOVE: Love is also one of the Fundamental Human Value. Only those human beings whose heart and emotions are rid of Greed, Anger, etc. posses Love. Love is an eternal feeling that can melt even the heart of a Devil.
  • PEACE: Here, peace refers to 2 things. One it is the external peace. That is we should always keep our environment peaceful. Second is the internal peace of mind. It helps us to take correct decisions even in the worst circumstances.
  • NON-VIOLENCE: "Violence is not necessary to fight the oppressor." Said Mahatma Gandhi in his Satyagraha Movement. It was one of his principle that helped him to lead people as well as to mobilize the crowd.
  • RIGHT CONDUCT: It is one of the values given by Buddhists. Right Conduct is living in a Moral and Ethical way in the absolute sense rather than by the standards of any particular time or society.
So, Human Values is also one of the Small things but has a great impact on our lives.

#4: Become Socially Active:

Small Things Matter in Life

Another Little Thing that matter in our life is that we should become Socially Active.

What I mean by "Socially Active?"

Well, I am not talking about Social media Activeness. Instead, I am talking about having a conversation with real people rather than having a chat with a stranger on Facebook.

We should be social to enjoy with our friends and family. Most of the people are shy and want to be left alone in their homes rather than having fun outdoors.

But, remember that if you are a very shy person then people can exclude you from the group. Because nowadays people don't like such individuals who do not talk to them or ignore them.

Here is another random fact;

Some researches have proved that those people who are socially active have better brain functions than those who are not much socially active.

You should be part of society. You should try to make new friends, meet new people, share ideas and instructions. Being Social can also help you to improve your vocabulary and communication skills. There are many benefits of socializing.

So, the next time there is an Appointment or a party with your family and friends, don't say NO as an answer. Instead, go out and Enjoy a little. These small moments will become your sweet memories.

#5: Don't take shortcuts:

Let's admit it.

We all take some sort of shortcuts in our lives. This may be because we don't need to or perhaps we don't want to have struggled in our lives.

Well, that's okay. But, Shortcuts in Life are not always a better option.

Nowadays, movies and films shape our mindset. In those 3 hrs., the Hero rises from poverty to being rich and billionaire. That is not the case in real life.

Shortcuts are not the easiest route to success. Actually, the truth is they don't even lead to success. Many people struggle because of this rationale thinking that Shortcuts in Lief is the best way to avoid struggles.

Successful people have always emphasized on the phrase "Don't take shortcuts in Life".

And that's because a person should face his fears, struggles, pain, and sadness that life throws at him. Successful people know that taking shortcuts will not make them strong enough to face the challenges of Life.

This is a Little Thing but it matters. So, don't take shortcuts in your life. 

#6: Drink More Water:

Small Things Matter in Life

Now, this is a very basic and little thing that most of us know but we still ignore it.

You know that drinking MORE water may have many benefits like:
  • By drinking water, your Brainpower and overall Energy will increase.
  • Drinking more water also helps in Losing Weight
  • Drinking water also flushes out harmful toxins that may be present in our body.
  • It helps to increase immunity.
  • Research has also shown that drinking more water can actually help you to improve your complexion.
  • It also helps you to prevent headaches. 

And the list goes on. It can be the first step towards a healthy life. So, start drinking at least 8 Glass of water every day in order to see the benefits faster.

#7: Stay Happy and Spread Happiness:

Small Things Matter in Life

Nowadays we are so busy with our work schedule because of which we are unable to give time to ourselves as well. We have forgotten to smile, laugh or what we say to stay Happy.

People overlook their problems. They actually just see their problems. A person who has a negative mindset will always look at the 10 Things that he doesn't have and others do.

But, you should become the kind of person who would find almost 1 Million reasons to stay happy instead of those 10 reasons because of which few people are unhappy.

We are functioned or "programmed" that way. We always look at the negative side of the picture first.
Most of us don't appreciate the beauty of the moon, but we criticize the scars it has on his face. Most of us don't acknowledge the importance of sun rays, but we criticize it's biting heat during summer.

Let's do a task;

Take a piece of paper and then mark a small DOT on the paper. Then ask anyone around you about what they are able to see in the paper. 95% of those will be only able to see the small DOT. But will neglect its outer portion which is clean.

The thing is people have no reason to smile or to stay happy. And that's why they become so negative. 

So, always try to be happy yourself and try to spread happiness wherever you go. It creates a positive environment for you as well as for the other people.

#8: Eat Healthy: 

Small Things Matter in Life

Here's another Little Thing in Life that matter. But again admit that you don't Eat healthy stuff.

If you eat healthy, then that's great news. But if you don't it may be a bit bad news for you.

See, our elders always say to eat healthy vegetables and fruits, etc. But most of us ignore their suggestion.
That is because we like to eat the burger or that pizza which is drowned in cheese...Yummy!!

Wait, where was I?

Ah, Eat Healthy food. By eating vegetables and fruits not only you will be healthy but also it will keep your diet properly. 

Many people have suffered because of their diet. So, before anything else, start eating healthy things to stay active and fit. You can even exercise daily. 

Exercise can be termed as another little thing in life that matter. But, I will not emphasize it enough as youngsters are nowadays more often found in the Gym.

So, that's a KUDOS for them!

#9: Stay away from distraction: 

To be focused in our life is a major task nowadays for a number of individuals. And that's because our attention span is decreasing over the past 10 Years.

Nowadays, people want everything faster as they are impatient. It's now harder for marketing companies to hook the viewers to see their product or campaign.

And that's because people have a low attention span, due to which they are easily distracted.

Have you ever wondered How Successful People Face Distraction?

At the end of the day, they are also human beings. And as our nature, we are prone to divert our mindset here and there. But, here are some Powerful tips to stay away from distractions so that you can focus on your goal and play at your best;
  •  Most of the distractions are initiated by sudden thoughts or change in our environment called triggers. So, try to find your "Trigger" that is forcing you to do such things. Then try to Eliminate those.
  • Get rid of social media for some time. The biggest distraction in the life of students and most of the individuals is Social Media. What you need to do is turn off your WIFI when you are doing some important task. It will help you to Stay Focused on the Tak.
  • Take proper breaks whenever you need them. Sometimes we take 1 Hr. break and sometimes we take just 2 min. break. Now, here you have to justify how much time can you waste in taking unnecessary breaks. If the answer is you cannot even waste you 1 Second, Then great! Complete the task and then do the rest of your things.
Also, if your purpose is strong then you will not be distracted in any way. You should have that burning desire inside you.

So, another small thing but as I said it matters. Don't be distracted from your GOAL!

#10:  Gratitude:

Remember that I said you should search for the reasons that make you happy?

Gratitude is the feeling of happiness that you get after experiencing and thanking all the good things that Life has provided to you. Gratitude is one of the best Motivation Tool for Success!

How to arise a feeling of Gratitude?

Take a paper and Pen in your hand and start writing down all the things for which you feel blessed about.
It can be like;
  • I have Loving and Caring Parents
  • I have Great Friends
  • I can Breathe
  • I can feel the Air surrounding me etc.

These small sentences will increase your internal motivation.

The 50/50 Rule of Motivation states that 50% of our motivation is External and the other 50% is our internal motivation.

Gratitude can help you to increase your Internal Motivation Percentage from 50% to 90%.

#11: Hard work: 

There is a famous saying that "Success is not something that you run into by accident."

To become successful you have to sacrifice a lot of things and it requires a great amount of planning and preparation.

To achieve the success you will need to put in a large amount of time and effort. In short, you will need to do Hard work. And believe me when you will get success after all those hard work and hardships, you will feel very satisfied by knowing the fact that you have finished the job that you had started.

That is the thing nowadays, People lack self-discipline and confidence and they don't even finish the thing that they had started. 

For Eg;
When you joined the organization in which you are working, you have thought that I would become one of the best employees of this whole organization. In that effort, you may have got a few Promotions. But then, you just stop doing the hard work.

Now, you don't need to work hard and generate sales because you are getting a satisfactory pay package. But did you accomplish your goal?

In case, you are a student then you may have thought to score better marks not for comparison, not for your parents, not for the people around you, but for yourself. But as time passes by we try to compare our marks, we assume that marks are the sole basis for success and failure in life.

But, they aren't.

Just Believe in yourself and Work Hard to achieve your goal. It does not matter how slow you go until you are moving towards your goal.

Henry Ford once said:

The harder you work, the luckier you get

#12: Sleep Well: 

Small Things Matter in Life

Another Little thing in life that matter is that you should sleep well.

Studies show that healthy adults need at least 7 to 9 hrs. of sleep. And in the case of children and teens, it is maybe more.

But, due to our lifestyle, we are unable to sleep. We are tensed, we do not give rest to our brain. 

Sleeping is important if you want to play at your best. To function well, you need to Rest.

Here are a few tips that would help you to sleep well;

  • Don't watch Phone at least half an hour before bed. Why? Because our mind works in such a way that whenever we are in darkness. Our sleep hormones get activated and whenever we face the light, it indicates our body that we are not going to sleep. That's why we wake up during the day and we sleep during the night.
  • Don't consume Caffeine late in the day.
  • Reduce daytime naps.

For more information, you can read the Following Blog Post:

 How to Sleep Well?

#13: Dress Well:

You have probably heard this before that, " We should Not Judge a Book by its Cover".

But, let's face the truth.

People nowadays Judge a Book by its cover. That means they judge a person on the basis of their clothing, the way of talking, etc.

But, the first thing that a person notices is your dressing sense. People like those kinds of individuals who dress well. Well, nowadays even the interviewers nowadays judge the candidate on the basis of their clothing and dressing sense.

So, it is crucial to dress well. Dressing well also help to enhance your charisma and personality.

But, just dressing well will not improve your personality. Improving personality is a combination of dressing well, speaking nice and maintaining Hygiene.

We will talk about it in more detail.

#14: Talk Polite: 

Politeness is also one of the magnetic characteristics of many successful leaders and individuals. Being polite means to talk nicely, behave nicely, etc.

It's also a Little thing in Life but it matters. 

Being polite is one of the ways to improve your relations with the people around you. It means that you are respecting and acknowledging the other person. It will also increase and boost up your confidence level and self-esteem.

So, how do you talk politely?

  • Whenever you are introducing yourself to another person, you should smile.
  • You should greet everyone with a warm handshake.
  • Help others when they need you.
  • Say words like, Thank You, Welcome, Good Morning, etc. more often (only when needed).

#15: Maintain Hygiene:

Another small thing that matters a lot in life is to maintain hygiene.

Common! You know why you should maintain hygiene.

It will help you to prevent illness which is usually spread by microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.
Moreover, it will help at the Social level as well. When you will meet a person, your cleanliness will give a strong message about your personality and your traits.

Maintaining hygiene also shows that you care about your body and you are responsible enough. As if a person cannot take care of himself, then how can he help others?

So, how do you maintain personal hygiene?

  • Brush Your teeth regularly.
  • Take a bath daily. (Yes, even in winters!)
  • Smell Nice. Apply deodorant or perfume.
  • Have a good haircut.
  • Wear clean clothes.

These are a few tips that can help you to maintain personal hygiene. To know more, you can check out this article:

#16: Strive for Excellence, Rather than Success:

Small Things Matter in Life

All the people in the world are hungry for success. And that's good!

But, you should Strive for Excellence, Rather than Success.


Success is the stage. Whereas Excellence is a trait, character or attitude. Most of the people are running after Success but instead they should try to achieve excellence in whatever task they have taken.

The feeling of the job done well gives eternal satisfaction. And it is better to do 1 Great job instead of performing 100 tasks which were not done properly.

How can you achieve excellence?

Just give 100% to every task you do. Try to provide a better quality output every time. 

For an Organisation, what would be a success? Of course, to earn a profit. So, they strive for this success. Instead, if they focus on the product and try to make the product better and accessible to every consumer, ten their profit margin will automatically rise up.

So, it's again a Small Thing in Life but it matters and most of us neglect these things.

Try to reach Excellence and Success will chase you and you will not have to chase it anymore.

If a man is called to be street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well

#17: Dream BIG:

We all see dreams, in fact, many people have already started working towards their dream.

But, you know that these people also put a limitation in their dream. They do not dream Big. They just can't imagine themselves touching the heights because they have never dreamt of it. 

The things we imagine or consistently think about encourages to do the actions that we are doing. Our thoughts play an important role in implementing our actions.

With that being said, we should always think big, then only we can achieve something BIG.

Don't put limitations on your dream. Putting limitations on your dream can lower your self-esteem. 

If your dream is to get a Job which pays you at least Rs.25,000 per month, then after getting such a job, you will think that you have achieved your goal and you will feel satisfied. It's okay but you should be hungry for more success. Why just a paycheck of Rs.25,000? 

You have bigger abilities and limits. Aim for Rs.50,000 or Rs.1,00,000 as a monthly salary.

Many people have put limitations in their dreams and because of which they are putting the same barriers on the minds of their children. They suggest doing a Job which pays you a decent salary. But, they should look at their child's dream and aspirations. A parent should look at their child's strengths and suggest accordingly.

So, dream big because you can achieve anything in your Life!!

Again, its a Little thing in Life but it matter.

#18: Forgive Others:

When was the last time you had an argument with someone?

But, most importantly how did you react after that argument?

Arguments happen because of lack of communication skills and increased communication gap between the individuals. Either the message is not properly transferred or the message is not properly understood. These are the reasons for Arguments.

Now, there are 2 types of people.

One, who would not talk to that person until he apologizes and admit his mistake. And the other, who would think about the root cause of the argument and would try to provide a solution by mutual understanding.

You should become like the people in the second category.

It will happen that you will have arguments in your life. But, you should also understand that every other person has different, ideologies, opinions and experiences because of which they carry such different mindsets.

An intelligent person would be one who would respect other's opinions and would FORGIVE Others.

By forgiving others, you will feel good. Your mind will be peaceful again. You will be happy because of your decision. Many successful leaders have adopted this practice of forgiving others. Because, to be angry does not help to get to a solution, and also anger do not benefit any person.

So, Forgive others as often as you can.

Intelligent people always forgive others!!

#19: Try To be Independent:

There are many instances in our life when we seek help from others. Now, that's not a bad thing. But, if you will become dependent on those people for all your work then that's a problem.

Don't be dependent on others for all your tasks. Be Self-Sufficient and Independent. Because then only you will be able to complete your life goals without depending on others.

Moreover, if you are independent then it also boosts your confidence. You will no longer be emotionally dependent on the person and you can move on in life quickly. You can feel Freedom and independence which also ensure your financial autonomy or financial freedom.

When you are less dependent on others, you can take strong and wise decisions for yourself or the people around you. You can grab many opportunities yourself which can help you to reach your goal.

So, it's another Little Thing in Life that Matter.

#21: Have a Positive Attitude:

Small Things Matter in Life

To perform various activities, our mood or mindset plays a very crucial role. You will not perform an activity unless it attracts you or encourages you.

To have that kind of mindset we should always have a positive mindset.

There are many benefits of a positive attitude like;

  • Positive attitude boosts your productivity
  • With a Positive attitude, you can solve problems much faster than before.
  • A positive attitude keeps you mentally and socially fit person.
  • A positive attitude breeds loyalty.
  • A positive attitude also helps to foster better relations with the people around you.

These were some of the benefits of a positive attitude.

How to have a positive attitude? 

  • Always look at the positive side of any situation. But also don't neglect the negative side of the situation. It should be a balanced analyzing.
  • Don't criticize others for your failures. Take responsibility for all the things that are happening in your life. Whether it is good or bad.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Build Positive Self-Esteem
  • Stay away from negative people and influences.
  • Meditate a little at the beginning of your day to keep a positive and healthy thought process.
Again, its a small thing in life but believe it or not, it matters.

#22: Take Risks:

Small Things Matter in Life

Now, what I mean by Taking Risks?

It does not mean to blindly jump up to a situation from here it is difficult for you to be recovered. So, here risk-taking means to take Calculated Risks.

Many times such as "DO or DIE" situations arise in front of us which tells that either you should perform that task or else you will be in trouble.

Successful people know that if they will jump out of their comfort zone, then they will able to outperform better and maybe they can reach success.

Taking risk is a Little thing in Life that matter. 

Let me share a story with you from the book YOU CAN WIN By Shiv Khera.

Once someone asked a farmer if he had planted wheat for the season. the farmer replied, "No. I was afraid it wouldn't rain." The man asked, "Did you plant corn?" The farmer said, "No. I was afraid of insects eating the corn." Then the man asked, "What did you plant?" The farmer said, "Nothing. I played it safe."

He thought that he played it safe and have achieved something by not taking the risk. But did he?


There are often many instances when we don't enjoy little things in life. But, these little things are important in a person's life. 

Most of the times, we are just thinking about our problems and our situations. For most of the time we are stressed out and we can't even enjoy ourselves at the moment.

In this article, we have shared 21 Little things in life that matter A LOT!

So, here is a quick recap of those 21 little things that play an important role in our life and which is often neglected by the people.

  • Help Others
  • Stop Comparing Yourselves
  • Human Values
  • Become Socially Active
  • Don't take shortcuts
  • Drink MORE Water
  • Stay Happy and Spread Happiness
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stay away from Distractions
  • Gratitude
  • Hard work
  • Sleep Well
  • Dress Well
  • Talk Polite
  • Maintain Hygiene
  • Strive for Excellence, Rather than Success
  • Dream BIG
  • Forgive Others
  • Try to be Independent
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Take Risks
 So, these were some of the Little things that most of us often neglect in our lives.


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