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Reasons For Failure: Have you Ever Wondered that even after doing so much hard work and putting your 100% in everything you do. Still, you are Struggling to become successful. If yes, then read on to know 15 Reasons For Your Failure and also How to Fix Them? There are some reasons because of which you fail most of the times. Before getting into the topic, Like always we will answer some FAQ.

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

So, Let's move on with our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Session.

Some of the Tips were taken from the Book: You Can Win


Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

What is Failure?

Failure is another name of learning from your mistakes.  It can also be treated as a state in which most of us often found ourselves in and which is a result of our dissatisfaction with the result that we have got.  You only fail in something when your desire to do that work has completely vanished. 

For Eg:
Let's Imagine that you are running a race with the best competitors around you and you put your 100% effort and run like a beast. But during the race, you fall down. Now, listen to me carefully. If you have fallen down, that's not your failure. But if you still do not have the courage to get up, fight back and run again, then it's your real failure.

Why Failure is a Good Thing?

Failure is a Good Thing. But, let's not assume that you have failed in any task. because that's the truth. There are 2 Outcomes of your action- Either You Succeed or you Learn. So, we will call it a learning lesson. 

We learn from our mistakes. And that's why Failure is a good thing. Learning from our mistakes can skyrocket our morale and it will also help to identify those loopholes or our lapses. No Human Being has become successful without failing in something.

All the Successful people that you see around yourself or in media etc. are Successful because they learned from their failures. They understood the Reasons for their Failure and actively eliminated them step by step.

How Do I Stop Being Afraid of Failure?

First of all, you will need to understand that Failure and Mistake are a part of life. And It will be good for you If you understand it as soon as you can. To Become Successful you will have to Sacrifice a lot and you will have to bear the pain that no one wants in their lives. And that's these people fail in life.
  • Don't be afraid of Failure. Treat it as your friend. When you make your enemy your friend, doesn't that mean you have beaten your opponent?
  • You are afraid of failure because you are not well aware of your true potential. According to Hinduism, Every Human Being on this planet possesses such enormous power which he/she can use to transform this world.
  • Throw away your negative thoughts or it can have an adverse effect on your health and your life. You are a warrior. Should not be afraid of a 6 Letter term. You have gigantic potential that you have crushed inside yourself. Tame that potential and introduce it to the world. 

Reasons For Failure

Now, Let's look at the Causes of Failure in Life and Why we fail in life?

#1: Unwillingness to Take Risks:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

I cannot emphasize this enough. Risk taking is a crucial part to become successful in life. And it is also one of the main causes of failure as well. Unwillingness to take risks results in not taking sufficient and needful actions.

Now many of you think that I should start gambling or something. I am not talking about this stuff, I am talking about calculated risk. Remember that I told that Successful People Respond vs React. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you should check out this article- Habits of Successful People.

Risk taking is an art form. It will be beneficial for you if you try to master this art form. Many people also fail because they fail in understanding the concept of risk-taking. Here risk-taking can be equated with taking Calculated Risk.

Calculated risk is taken when you know the Pros and Cons that can unfold after taking that risk. You have analyzed the whole situation and then you are acting upon it. But, Sadly many people get excited y the thought of risk-taking and they just jump right in without any thought, Which in turns results in their failure.

Not taking calculated risks can be a Cowardly Act. Here's an Example:

Once someone asked a farmer if he had planted wheat for the season. The farmer replied, "No. I was afraid it wouldn't rain." The man asked, "did you plant Corn?" The farmer said, "No. I was afraid of insects eating the corn." Then the man asked," What did you plant?" The farmer said, "Nothing. I played it safe."

#2: Instant Gratification:

This can be one of the main causes of failure in life. Instant gratification. I will explain the whole concept but first, let's understand that what Instant Gratification means?

Instant Gratification simply means that you are doing a task which can be a long term goal that you want to achieve. But, you get easily distracted even you know that the result that you will get after reaching your goal will be far more satisfactory. 

But, most of us do not want to wait for that long and we turn our heads towards the distractions in order to get happy or in order to get that instant pleasure.

This is termed as Instant Gratification.

Now, this can be very harmful in most cases. Since in order to achieve a long term goal you will need to stay focused and be self-disciplined but nowadays it is easier to get distracted from our goals.

Have you noticed that when you are on Fast you feel more hungry? This is the result of Instant Gratification. Our mind keeps us reminding that," Forget your goal. The Big bowl of tasty Crackers is right in front of you. Pick it up and eat it. Do it now!".

Our mind is the Culprit here, Right?

No. It' Us. Our mind only gives specific thoughts and suggestions which we have done in the past. For Example, If you have always tried to wake up in the morning but you were not able to wake up every time. The next time when you will try to wake up again in the morning, Your mind will tell you that you can't wake up based on your past experiences.

What can you do about it?

  • Write down your goals on a piece of paper.
  • It will store your dreams in your subconscious mind and then whenever you will get distracted, your subconscious mind will tell you that you are on the wrong track.

Instant Gratification never thinks of consequences, but only of momentary pleasures.

#3: Looking for Shortcuts:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Admit it! You take or want to take Shortcuts in your life.

But, Here's the deal, When you take shortcuts in your life then the result you will get can be undesirable. This is also a Reason for Failure.

Many people tend to take shortcuts in their lives in order to reach their goals. But they forget that taking shortcuts will not help them in reaching their goals faster. Instead, the path that they took will become more difficult.

Now, You may think that Taking Shortcuts in life is a type of Smart Work. It is, but when it is done in the right way. Most philosophers put weight on Working Harder instead of Smarter because it gives a sense of Satisfaction.

For Eg: Let's say that there are two persons- A and B. Both of them want to Climb the highest mountain in the world. "A" did a lot of practice and training himself for almost 2 Years before climbing that mountain. Whereas "B" did not do any hard work. Now, the most awaited moment came. Both of them were ready to climb a mountain. "A" did the Classic Physical Climb and he had to go through a tough Climb.

Whereas, "B" Climbed up that mountain with the help of a HeliCopter. 

Who you think came first?

Obviously "B." Now answer this one.

Who you think was more Satisfied?

The answer is "A." His hard work paid off and he was at the top of that mountain. Moreover, the media were more interested in "A" rather than "B."

See? Taking Shortcuts is not the only solution. Sometimes it's about that Internal Satisfaction that one gets after reaching his goal. 

According to the author Shiv Khera, taking Shortcuts is a trait of losers. Since losers are the one who looks for quick Fixes in their lives. This is Why People Fail in Life. They look for Shortcuts instead of doing the Hardowrk. 

Remember the Concept of Instant Gratification?

Well, the same applies here as well.

#4: Selfishness and Greed:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Another reason for failure in life is that many people get carried away by the materialistic things in the world.
Sure, they are a motivation source but it is external. And External Motivational does not last long.

Have you ever wondered why you do feel motivated after watching a motivational video on youtube but after few hours that motivation is blown away?

That' because it was External Motivation. Whereas the motivation that you get from inside lat longer than the External Motivation.

Greedy people are not able to become successful because they are carried away by these materialistic things like money, house, a big car, etc. Instead, their main focus should be on their goal. They should think of their purpose. This is also one of the biggest reasons why people fail in life.

Selfishness is a trait. A person is selfish because he thinks of himself first and then others. Now, there's a catch.

Nowadays it is good that you are thinking about yourself first. Because these days competition is at peak and you do not have the time to save yourself and you are thinking to save others from this competition. Remember that Straight trees in a forest are cut down first.

But, it also does not mean that you should undermine our values and ethics. Humanity should be your first priority. So, you should use it as per the situation. Sometimes, Selfishness can be good for you.

So, balance it out and this will not be a reason for your failure anymore.

#5: Unwillingness to Plan and Prepare:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Life is a competition. Whether you participate in it or not, it will drag you anyways. And in this competition, you will need a proper plan and preparation in order to succeed.

Not many people are willing to do it so it can be an easy task for you. But 1% of them who really want to make their life big will be your competition. There are millions like you who are doing the same thing that you are doing right now. But some of them will succeed n achieve their dreams and others won't.

If you also want to succeed in life rather than failing in life, you should have proper preparation and a strong plan on how you are going to achieve your dreams.

So, Exactly How Would you Plan and Prepare?

For this modern century, you will need to have proper Mental Preparation rather than physical preparation. because you will find different kinds of people in your life and every one pursues different ideologies. And among them, you will have to be strong enough to withstand their comments and their thoughts.


One of the methods that I will suggest in order to Prepare your mind for the day is Meditation.
It is and it will be one of the greatest ways to have self-talk. Self-talk and Self Realisation is so necessary but still, most of the people just ignore it.

But, You should withdraw at least 20 Minutes of your day and you should invest in Meditation. There are many helpful articles on google and videos on youtube which can help you to learn ways for meditation.


Now you know how to prepare yourself mentally?

So, let's look at one of the best ways to plan your path towards a direction. Many of you probably knew his but for those who don't know what is Journaling, then in simple words, it means to just write down your daily goals, weekly goals and your long term vision on a piece of paper or in a diary. 

By doing this you will feel positive and you will be more energetic towards your purpose. Journaling is one of the ways to plan your whole pathway that leads to success.

#6: Rationalizing:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Another reason for failure in life is that many people complain about their past, present or even the future.
Losers always have excuses ready whenever they fail in ay task. They do not want to take responsibility for their actions. Either they are too scared of it or they just don't want to admit it.

We hear Excuses like:

  • I'm Unlucky
  • I'm born under the wrong stars.
  • I'm too young.
  • I'm too Old.
  • I'm Busy Right Now.
  • I'm handicapped.
  • I'm not smart enough.
  • If Only I had the opportunity.

And the list goes on and on.s

So, try to avoid this Rationale thinking if you really want to grow.  This is also a Reason for Failure in Life.

What Can You do About it?

Take responsibility for your actions. Whether it's good or bad, it's all because of you. The situation in which you are currently whether good or bad it is because of you. So, take responsibility for your actions.

Excuses are not the solution to a problem or a situation. Instead, you should ask from yourself that "Is It really the case?"

The Excuse that I am making is really the scenario?

If you are true to yourself then you would probably get an answer that- "No. I was making Excuses and Now I have to turn the situations in my favor. I will be no longer a slave of luck, I will make my own luck and will show the world that I am worthy."

Tell to yourself that You are not made to just pass on Excuses regarding every matter. So, at last, don't make silly excuses and do not betray yourself.

#7: Fear of Failure:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Many people tend to fail in life because of this gigantic feeling. It is called Fear of Failure a believe it or not I too suffered this feeling. But now thankfully I know how to overcome the fear of failure.

It is normal but in worse conditions, it can even lead to death. So first of all if you do not know whether you have this fear or not. In that case, here are a few signs that you have a fear of failure.

  • Worry a Lot about- "What Other's would think?"
  • You raise questions on your abilities after a setback.
  • You are having trouble to get back on track after a failure.
  • Get depressed even on small matters.
  • You easily miss opportunities because of fear.

If you can relate to the signs that I have mentioned above, you probably have a fear of failure.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure?

  • First of all, you will have to Understand your fear. Don't be tensed over it. As I said that it is normal and even I had this fear. I am Student so you can Imagine how worse this fear was.
  • Secondly, Try to be around the people you love. Since you will be around such good and living people. you will no longer think about other's perspective on you. You will be chilled out and relaxed even in worse circumstances.
  • The Third thing I did was to write down affirmations. I said to Myself that I have various Capabilities. I worked on my weak part and then I Overcame it.
  • Plan And Prepare. It's a very basic thing. Since I am a student, I identified the things that were making me nervous. I Identified that when I didn't study for a long period of time, I had a feeling that I would fail my Exams. As a whole, it was all because of Lack of proper preparation.

What happened next?

Well, then I studied my syllabus thoroughly and then I felt that the fear was no longer hovering around me. Because I was confident enough that I Will pass my Exams.

You will also have to learn the Syllabus that Life Provides in order to build that Confidence. You can read our blog to know what are those Chapters and then find out yourself whether it's your weak point or not. 

#8: Trust:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

Now, don't get me wrong here. trust isn't a bad thing. But, it can be a failure reason. Here's How?

There are many instances in our life when we will have to trust someone. It is completely fine. but, if you are a kind of person who blindly trusts everyone around you then maybe you are wrong.

It's the 21st Century where people are trying to beat each other, no matter whether they are Friends or even Cousins.

You may have seen that Even in your family, your parents would have told you that you should get more marks than your brother or your sister. And if you ask- "Why?"

They will have no answer. 

Trusting others blindly will only result in your disadvantage. You should only trust a person after testing his commitment. But, the problem arises that How can you identify whom you can trust?

Let's understand it with the help of this question. Why you trust your parents?

Now, don't answer this question by saying that "They are my parents. I can trust them."

Instead, grab a pen and paper and write down the qualities that your parents have. Why you trust them. And this does not only apply to your parents, just try it on whomever you trust.

After spending at least 20 Minutes, You will have a list of qualities in your hand. Now, the next time you meet someone then just look for those qualities in them. You will get your answer about whether you should trust this person or not!


Stay away from those people who talk very sweetly and politely to you. Why?

Because the great Indian Genius Chanakya said that most of the poisonous snakes are found inside Sweet Smelling Sandalwood trees. So, beware of this type of people. Remember that any stranger is talking with you so politely because he/she wants something from you. Either you will help them to reach their goals or they want to defeat you.

Whatever the case maybe, It is a Useful Practical Life Tip. Using these tips, Trust will no longer be a Reason for Failure in your life.

#9: Lack of Experience:

Yes. It is also a reason for your failure. Lack of Experience is something that most of the people miss while selecting a task. 

For Example, A Doctor will not be able to fight in a boxing ring. Because he has never experienced anything like it and also he lacks training.

Lack of Experience can be a reason for failure. Mainly for those who have never faced an interview. And this problem is widely faced by a number of Individuals.

It is common that many organizations do not want to spend their money on a newbie. Instead, they can hire someone experienced.

How Can You Overcome this Situation?

Well, you can tell the Interviewers that Since you are new, you have more energy than others. You are eager to learn new skills and you are still learning. Yes, Being a newbie can be tough since there are many Experience player in your industry.

You will have to think Out of the Box. Try to think something Unique for the Organisation. Try to get into those organizations that are eager to accept recently passed out college graduates.

NOTE: I am not telling that the people who are Experienced lack these qualities. I am just trying to Motivate youngsters who are still trying to find a Job. Sure, Experienced employees will be far better than those who are hired recently. But, an organization will only be able to process properly if these Experienced Employees will help these new employees.

So, work on your weaknesses and try to Experience new things as much as you can. It will give you Exposure and also you will be motivated towards reaching your dream faster. You will get a chance to meet and explore new people in your life.

#10: Quitting:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

You Quit too Early. This is another reason for failure in life. We come across various situations in our life when we think that we should give up. But, that is our wrong decision. Many times people throw in the towel too early.

It reminds me of a famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else, but because he is brave for ten minutes longer.

When we quit, we not only crush the expectations of others from us, but we also betray ourselves. Always remember that where ever you are in your life, you have not come this far to just stay there. You had seen a dream and you should work for it. 

Stop Wasting your precious Wealth- Time.

You can easily overcome this situation by having a proper mindset. Many times we tend to have a LOSER'S MINDSET!

We think that We are not enough. I cannot Do it or I am not Worth it.

These statements are often given by losers. You are not a loser. You are a Winner even before competing if you have a strong purpose and a reason to win that competition of Life.

Not everyone is lucky to have that kind of will power, you may say.

But, you should remember that the people who are successful are from this planet only. They are also a Human Being and so are you. They are not Too Intelligent. But, they are good at identifying their strengths and weaknesses. 

If you look at the stories of Successful People life Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc. You will note that they do not come from a rich and wealthy family. What kept them going was a reason and a strong determination.

Many people lack their sincerity towards their goals and that's why they fail in life.

Bill Gates Once Said that:

If you are born in a Poor family, then taht's not your problem. But, If you die in a poor family, then it's completely our fault.
As I said Earlier that you should take responsibility for your actions. you will have to understand that this world needs you. Whatever problem the world is facing right now needs a solution. And Guess What?

You can too provide that solution. We should discuss Solution and Ideas rather than problems and Complaints. Then as a person and as a Nation, we will be able to become Strong and Wealthy.

They are many factors that determine a person's success. And Habits play an Important role in Success. 

#11: Inability to Identify Talent:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

We all possess different kinds of talent. But most of us are unable to recognize our talents. The ones who did, well, they made their mark on the world.

When you do not identify your true strengths, you are like a sword which has been rusted out. 

Albert Einstein said:

"I think I used about 25% of my intellectual capacity during my life."

We all are blessed with few capabilities that can make us wealthy and successful. Sometimes it is difficult to identify them but when they do, you will know that you have found your talent.

 How to Find Your Talent?

  • Take a Personality Quiz. Taking such quizzes will not provide you a desirable answer but in most cases, it gives an idea about your talent.
  • Write down the things that you like and find out what can be your hidden talent.
  • Ask from your family and friends about your talent. Maybe they noticed some special abilities in you.

#12: Growing Over Protected:

Some of us grow in a too protective environment. It has no harm but sometimes it may make us vulnerable to changes in our environment.

We are unable to Communicate with different people and we tend to become shy.

Also, we become a bit introvert and we are unable to identify opportunities.

#13: Lack of Patience:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

The journey to becoming successful is not traveled in a bullet train. Instead, you will have to take a different medium of transportation in order to reach your journey. What I want to say is that the journey to becoming successful takes patience.

Patience, as I said, is an art. You will have to master this art form. Many monks have mastered it and that's why whenever you meet a Monk you feel like everything just stopped.

It is also a reason for failure in most people's lives and that' why they struggle to become successful. they want everything at a faster rate. That's good in one way because it motivates you to reach towards your goal more faster.

But, in other circumstances, it just makes you Impatient. 

#14: Lack of Consistency:

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

If you do not want to fail in life then you will have to be consistent towards your goal. If your goal is to wake up early, then don't give up after 3 days or weeks. It is a consistent job. You should perform it daily.

What I do is I wake up early at 5 AM Every Morning from Monday to Friday. But, on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday, I wake up late at 7 AM or maybe 8AM.

You can try out which days are the best for you. I will recommend to restrict it for 2 days a week. So, you will not feel irritated and angry about small matters. (Most people feel when they Wake up Early).

So, whatever goal you want to achieve, just be consistent towards it.

As it is stated that:

It does not matter how small steps you take until you keep moving.

#15: Excess Use Of Social Media: 

Reasons For Failure, Reasons For Failure in Life

The Biggest reason Why most of the youngsters are unable to concentrate on their goals and their studies is Social Media Addiction. Believe it or not and whether you like it or not, Social Media is one of the biggest reasons for failure. So, You should break this Habit.

But, Here's the catch,

When it is used in the right way, it can be your part-time income source. Many Influencers are attracting various big brands and companies through their social media profile. 

But, if you are not an influencer then you should not waste your time liking someone else's photo and feeling bad that Why I am Unable to click such awesome photos.

So, don't waste time on Social Media and try to invest your time in more useful stuff. Maybe watch videos on youtube regarding your Career, Interest and Self Development. Or remember Life's Syllabus that you should learn. Then Read Our Blog!


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