How to Wake Up Early Using These 12 Strategic Hacks

How to Wake Up Early:  Hey There! Do You Want to Get Up Early in the Morning but because of some or other reasons, You are not able to wake up early in the morning. If the answer is yes, then read on because we will be sharing 12 Strategic Hacks that You Can Use in order to make yourself get up at 5 AM.

How to Wake Up Early

It's tough to even think about it!

It was tough for me as well because I am a Student and as a Student, I was supposed to get up early as soon as possible and get ready for school and tuitions. I found it very difficult to get that motivation that would enable me to get up from my bed and walk towards the bathroom to whiten up my teeth.

Until I used these 12 Hacks that I am going to share with you in a minute. Whether you are an Office Going Person or a Student, These Hacks will help you to sleep better, wake up early and you will have an awesome day ahead.

So, Before moving on, let's first go on with the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Session.


Frequently Asked Questions on How to Wake Up Early

How to Wake Up Early Without an Alarm?

You can wake up early without an alarm if you will make slight changes in your sleeping pattern. If you will try to sleep early and if you will wake up early with consistency then you will be able to get up in the morning without an alarm clock. 

I always thought that How my parents woke up every single day without an alarm clock?

Even if they will sleep at 2 AM in the Morning, then also they will automatically get up at 5 AM. I asked my mother about it and she said that it was because of their Sleeping Pattern.

They always woke up at 5AM, So, whenever the time arrives our body automatically woke us up as our body thinks that our day must be started from this time i.e. 5 AM.

You can use this trick in order to wake up without an alarm clock.

How to Wake Up Early to Study?

As I said that I am a student. I know that it requires a lot of courage to get up and sit on your study desk when our mind is telling us that- "Why are you awake and studying history? Go Get some sleep."

If this happens with you as well, then you should try to study an easy subject in the morning. I know that everyone would say - "The Morning is the best time to study difficult subjects." 

I know. But if we think practically, then most of the students do not want to wake up early because they think that they will need to do Math, History or any other difficult subject. Instead, I would advise you that if you are planning to wake up at 5 AM then you should begin with an easy subject and study it for 20 Minutes.

By doing this, your brain must be ready and excited because it's an easy subject and you will be able to memorize everything easily which will also boost your morale. After 20 Minutes, you can study those "Hard Subjects".

How to Wake Up Early for School?

Waking Up for School can be tough. And thinking about that Physics Lecture that you will have to face can make this mission even tougher. So, Instead of thinking about the negative side of the day, think about the positive side of the day. How?

Well, Imagine about the Games Period that you will be getting on that day. Maybe Imagine the pleasure to meet your friends and classmates or maybe you will learn something new in your classes that day. Maybe there would be a program in the School Assembly.

You get What I am Trying to Say?

So, Always look at the positive side of the day instead of the negative side.

How to Wake Up Early in Winters?

I know. Winters can be tough. And you would not want to get out of your warm blanket and have a workout session in that freezing cold. Well, it is not that tough to get up early in winters. How?

  • When you wake up in the morning, listen to motivational songs. It can break your laziness like crazy. I have tried it and you should at least try it once. 
  • Remember to get at least 7-8 hrs. of sleep because then you will not feel that Lazy and Lying in the bed will feel very boring. 
  • Think about the Beautiful walk that you can have outside. I bet that the Mornings in Winters and Summers are the best ones. 
  • When you don't want to sacrifice that warmth of your blanket, think about your morning classes or the job. It will push you to wake up even if you don't want to. Thinking about getting scolded from Teacher and the Boss can help you to wake up early in the morning.  

For Me, I was neither afraid of my Teacher nor My Boss( Since I am a Student), I had to wake up early because of the fear of not getting the breakfast from my Mom.

So, this was the FAQ Session, now before moving towards the 10 Wake Up Hacks, Let's see how this Guide is Divided.

This Entire Article is divided into 3 Phases:

  • Good Night Sleep: The Night Before the D-DAY
  • Waking Up Early: The D-DAY
  • Other Quick Hacks: Small Tips which would act like the Icing on the Cake.


How To Wake Up Early


In this segment, we will be covering the tips that will help you to sleep better the day before you want to get up early. So, Let's Start with our first tip, that is:

#1: Don't be a Night Owl:

How to Wake Up Early

It is pretty simple. If you want to wake up early then avoid watching television till late at night and avoid going out with friends and coming back home at 12AM. Instead, go to bed early. Now you may ask "What is the best time to sleep?"

Well, I would suggest 10 PM. And you can sleep till 5 AM. And that's Exact 7 Hrs. Many people have a habit of sleeping late which also causes many health-related problems. But, if you are also that kind of person then you should try to go to bed early. 

"I am not able to Sleep." You May Say, Well, don't worry because here are 3 Hacks that You can use in order to have a pleasant sleep.


Just doing a few pushups before going to bed can drain your energy. Now, I know that excess exercise can help you to overcome your laziness. And our plan can be reversed, that is, instead of falling asleep you will feel more energetic and alert. 

This thing only works for those who hate exercising. If you are too lazy to do a few pushups or a small walk then you should try this trick. When you will perform such exercises your body will automatically tell you to go and sleep. Because you will be exhausted and the only place you can think of is the bed.


Have You Ever Noticed that why we are unable to sleep while lights are on?

Well, it's because or body thinks that it is still daytime and there is no need to rest. But, when we are in a cool and dark environment, you will fall asleep because that time our mind thinks that it is night and now is the best time to take a nap.

I know it sounds a bit weird but it is the truth. When you use a mobile phone or watch television before going to sleep, you will not be able to fall asleep faster. So, What's the solution?

Stop using your Mobile or avoid watching television at least half an hour before your Naptime.


Music can be very helpful if you have trouble falling asleep faster. You can listen to various kind of soothing music while going to bed. As a result, your mind and body will be relaxed and you will have a great and pleasant bedtime.

Few of my suggestions would be :

  • Listen to Soft Music.
  • Listen to Rain Music/Raining Sound Effects.
  • Listen to Ocean Music/Ocean Sound Effects.

These are some of my recommendations that I have personally used or experienced.

#2: Avoid Day Time Naps:

How to Wake Up Early

I have experienced this problem. What happens with me is that whenever I sleep during the afternoon then I am not able to sleep at night.

And I am sure that many people pose this problem. What's the Solution?

Well, you will have to Sacrifice your day time naps. When you slumber during the day, you will have a hard time sleeping at night. So, try to work it out as per your needs.

Having an Afternoon Nap right around 2 PM is great. It's like you are living 2 days within the same day. You will be filled with energy and you will be able to do your chores faster.

But, as I said, Day Time Naps can be Evil for Some People like me. 

Avoiding Afternoon naps can also have various benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: You can do more work throughout the day.
  • A Quick Analysis Session: Afternoon can be the best time to plan out other 50% of your day.
  • You can do your work with Focus: During Afternoon when everyone is sleeping, it will be a great time to do something that needs focus or attention.
Also, Note here that don't try too hard to not to fall asleep during afternoons, because as I said that your body needs to have at least 7-8 rs. of rest every day. So, if due to any reason you were not able to sleep properly during the night, then Afternoon Naps can be great!

#3: Avoid Caffeine:

How to Wake Up Early

A Cup of coffee acts like both a Friend and a Foe. If you are feeling lazy and you have to do some important work then a Cup of coffee can instantly recharge your whole body. But, if you are going to bed and consume the same cup of coffee then you will have a hard time to fall asleep.

Here is an Interesting Fact:

One study found that consuming caffeine 6 hours before bedtime reduced total sleep time by 1 hour.


Now, You Know what to avoid, let's see what (Drinks)  you can or you should consume before sleeping:

  • Warm Milk: This is a Simple and Classic remedy used by those who are not able to rest properly at night. Since Milk contains Carbohydrates, it helps to regulate our sleep cycle.
  • Coconut Water: Coconut water contains Potassium and Magnesium which helps to relax our muscles. You can consume a glass of Coconut water to have a pleasant nap.
  • Water: How Water can help you to wake up early? Keep Reading on or Jump to the THIRD SEGMENT.


Now, You know the secrets to have a good night sleep. Now let's look at the various ways to Get Up Early.

#4: Keep Your Alarm Clock Far From Reach:

How to Wake Up Early

You can wake up early. But your Alarm Clock which you thought would be your best friend who would wake you up can become your enemy.

When an alarm goes on, we can easily snooze it or turn it off when it is in our reach. But will you be able to do so if it is not?

No. And that's why it's advisable to keep your alarm clock or your phone far from your reach. Now, don't keep it in the living room and sleep in the bedroom. That is too much.

But, What I am trying to say is that you should keep your phone or your alarm clock within 10-15 Metres. The distance should be enough so that you would get up and turn the alarm off by yourself.

What is the benefit? You May Ask.

Well, When you will get up to turn that alarm off, You have Unwillingly pushed your body to get up from the bed. Now that you have sacrificed your sleep, you can control your body and say to yourself" A very Good Morning." 

You can start your day at that moment!

It is Only effective when you are willing to get up early. Or Else even if you keep your alarm clock or your handset far from your reach, you would get up and turn the alarm off and for that 5 Minute More Sleep, you will waste your entire day.

So, If you want to get up at 5AM then Try this simple hack and I bet that you will not regret this process.

#5: Have a Reason to Wake Up Early:

How to Wake Up Early

Even if you will try so hard to wake up in the morning, you will not be able to do so for more than 1 Week.

Because you have no reason. Why do you want to wake up early? If there's no reason to wake up early then it is better to sleep. I had a strong reason.

I woke up early every day and still today because I want to Improve Myself and to follow the habits of successful people that will help me to increase my productivity and in turn, I will be a part of the 5AM Club that Robin Sharma keeps talking about.

Waking Up early can have various benefits. You will have more time than others because everyone is still sleeping. So, that 1 Hr. you can dedicate to yourself.

You can analyze your goals and plans for that day and you can perform various activities.

You can Meditate, Exercise, read a book, complete your work, etc.

What I mean by Complete Your Work?

Well, Let me ask you a question- If you were forced to eat a frog every single day, which will be the best time to consume it?

Morning, Afternoon or Night.

The answer is Morning. Because once you have eaten it then you can do the rest of your work without any tension. But if you choose to eat it in the Afternoon or at night, then throughout the day you will think about eating it and you will feel very gross!

As a result, your whole day will be wasted.

Now, Thankfully you don't need to eat a frog every day. But, Let's assume that the frog is the hardest work that you have to do. Maybe this can be that work which you kept on postponing for the last few weeks.

Since, morning is the best time in which Our mind is fresh and active, doing those tasks that you find tough can be easily eliminated.

So, try to find out that reason and Wake Up Early. Try to make your morning exciting. 

In case, If you still do not have any reason to wake up early, then wake up early for a morning walk. Do you give time to yourself?

Morning walks are the best thing to do after waking up early. The pleasant weather and atmosphere are so appealing that your mood will be refreshed and you will be set for the day. Or Maybe Write a Journal.

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.

#6: Start Small: 

See, If you keep waking up at 9 AM then don't expect from yourself that you will get up at 5AM. Now, I am not discouraging you but I Only talk about the Practical Stuff in this blog.

So, What You Can Do About It?

Start by reducing your sleep time by 10 Minutes. If you wake up at 9:00 AM then try to wake up at 8:50 AM. By doing so you will make yourself more comfortable with the idea of waking up early.

You can then try to work it out according to your preference.

Every day start reducing your sleep time by 10 Minutes Every Day and then keep doing that until you reach your wake up time goal.

For Example:

DAY                                         WAKE UP TIME                       

Monday                                           9:00 AM                                   
Tuesday                                           8:50 AM                                  
Wednesday                                      8:30 AM                                    
Friday                                              8:00 AM                                  
Saturday                                          7:20 AM                                  
Sunday                                            6:10 AM                             

Do this for almost 10 Days and you can train yourself to get up early according to your time preference.

Accomplish your tasks by one step at each time. Don't cut your coat according to your elder brother's size. Dream big, but start small; do what you can do at a time.

#7: Side Your Curtains:

How to Wake Up Early

The night before the D-Day, you should side your curtains and then sleep. By doing so, when the sun will rise the sunlight will automatically wake you up. Moreover, the pleasant sound of birds will make your mornings more soothing.

This can be a form of natural alarm. Remember that our sleep cycle is determined by light?

Using this simple hack can help you to get up early as soon as possible. So, before sleeping just do this last work of sliding your curtains so that the beautiful daylight can touch your eyes with the melodious music of birds tweeting in the background will make the whole environment a lot more appealing.

Well, that sounded like a Poet is Versing his Poem. Didn't it?

#8: Stay Consistent:

Remember that I answered the question in our QnA section above: How to Wake Up Early Without an Alarm Clock?

The same principle can help you to wake up early in the morning.

When you wake up continuously at the same time, it will be a signal to your body that you have to wake up at that time, So stop secreting Melatonin. (A Scientific Word for the Hormone that helps you to sleep.)

Staying Consistent will also make it a habit for you. And guess what? You just have to wake up at the same time for almost 3 Weeks. Because a habit whether good or bad needs at least 3 Weeks to be installed in your memory properly.

So, challenge yourself to wake up at your desired time or the Classic 5 AM for almost 3 Weeks and then see the magic.


Now you have gone through the main stuff. Here are a few Other Quick Hacks that You can use in order to wake up early.

#9: 10 Second Rule:

How to Wake Up Early

Remember the 5 Second Rule that I had talked about in the article: How to Overcome Shyness?

This is also a bit similar to the 5 Second Rule.

What you have to do is, when you wake up early then you will feel to go back and sleep again. But instead, try to be awake for almost 10 Seconds. Then get up and sit on the bed. Count 10 Seconds again, then stand up and walk towards your bathroom to freshen up.

This is a very basic tip but it can still help you. I had once used this, Well I am not a personal fan of this tip because it didn't help me a lot, but for some of you, it can definitely help.

#10: Use Pet: 

How to Wake Up Early

If you have a pet then you can use him/her as your alarm. How?

You can let him sleep with you on the bed and when it will be morning he/he will automatically wake you up. Now you have to note what kind of pet you have.

What I mean to say is that a Moue will not be able to wake you up. So, if you have a dog then you can use him/her as an alarm.

It's Quick, EASY and a Working Method!


If you do not have a pet, then you can ask one of your family members to wake you up in the morning. It maybe your Mom, Dad, Cousin, etc.

#11: Drink Water:

How to Wake Up Early

Now this trick that I m going to tell you is a bit weird, but as I said, I Only talk about the practical stuff So it will help you to get up early in the morning.

You have to do is just drink a glass of water before bed. Now when it is almost morning time you will have an urge to urinate and you will automatically wake up by yourself. It's a bit funny trick to use but it is worth trying. 

Remember the Other drink that I told you to consume before bed?

#12: Listen to Your Body:

How to Wake Up Early

Now, this is not a hack. But it can be termed as a piece of advice.

No matter how hard you try to wake up early in the morning, you will have to listen to your body. If your body is demanding rest then do not compromise with it. Lack of sleep can also bring various types of diseases and outcomes.

For Eg: If for any reason you came late at home, Let's say 2 AM, Then do not force yourself to wake up at 5 AM. You will have to sleep for at least 5-6 Hrs (While 7 Hrs. is recommended).


Waking up early can be tough. Especially if you are a kind of person like me who loves sleeping. But, We all know that this love for our bed will not help u to become successful in life.

So, You will have to take some steps in order to wake up early. Morning time is the best time to utilize for yourself. Many great leaders and many successful entrepreneurs and millionaires wake up at 5 AM. Some of them even wake up at 4 AM. Why?

Because they know that the first 1 Hr. of the day is for them. It so-called "ME TIME".

So, why not take advantage of this "ME TIME" for yourself by waking up early.

In this article, we have shared 12 Tips to Wake Up Early. For a few of them who may have forgotten the tips, be ready for a quick recap.


Don't be a Night Owl.
Avoid Day Time Naps.
Avoid Caffeine.


Keep You Alarm Far From Reach.
Have a Reason to Wake Up Early.
Start Small.
Side Your Curtains.
Stay Consistent.


10 Second Rule.
Use Pet.
Drink Water.
Listen to Your Body.


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