9 Life Lessons From MS Dhoni That Fits Everyone

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni: Hey There! In this article, we will be covering all the life lessons from the legend himself MS Dhoni. These Life lessons have been taken from his book as well as by analyzing the various interviews that he had given in the past. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the Legendary Players of Indian Cricket and he has struggled a lot in his life. Here we are sharing 9 Life Lessons From MS Dhoni that truly fits everyone, Whether you are a cricket fan or not!

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni

Who is Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the legends of Indian Cricket. Born in Ranchi, Bihar, He always wanted to become a cricketer. He does not come from a Rich and Wealthy family since his father was a Pump Operator and worked as a ground staff member.

MS Dhoni is the living example that you do not need to be born in a rich and wealthy family. You can still become a revolution with the help of your hard work and most importantly following your passion.

MS Dhoni has inspired a million youngsters to become a cricketer and to play for their nation-India.

Being an International Cricket Player, he has captained the Indian Cricket team and helped his nation win in various big tournaments like World T20 2007, World Cup 2011, Champions Trophy 2013.

He is the only captain to have all the three ICC Cups on his name. 

MS Dhoni Books?

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Captain Cool: The MS Dhoni Story

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Life Lessons from MS Dhoni

#1: Be Hungry For Knowledge:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni
      Img Credit: CricketBolo

MS Dhoni is also known as Captain Cool. And he has a trademark shot in his name - The Helicopter Shot. But he did not invent that shot himself. Instead, during a local street match, his friend once introduced the shot to him. He was really amazed to see the swing of Bat.

Immediately asked his friend to teach this shot. This Shows his Hunger for knowledge. Successful people are always hungry for knowledge. It doesn't matter where they are learning, they will never stop it.

Learning is one of the Habits of Successful People. Believe it or not, you will have to be hungry for knowledge to open your mindset towards success.

You can read Books, Make use of the internet by watching Motivational and Infotainment Youtube Videos, etc.

So, MS Dhoni was and he is still Hungry for Knowledge.

#2: Have the Courage to Follow Your Passion:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni
      Img Credit: Deccan Chronicle

As I said that MS Dhoni came from a Middle-Class family. His father was a Pump Operator and all he wanted is that his child should study hard and like everyone else, do a job that would pay him a decent amount of salary.

But MS Dhoni was not very impressed with his ideologies. He always wanted to do something big and achieve something grand which he did. 

According to his father, Sports and Games cannot help a person to become successful in life. Only studies can help a person to reach greater heights.

When Dhoni got a job in Railways, his father was very happy. Dhoni did agree for the job just for the sake of his father's happiness, but deep inside him, his burning passion was calling him.

#3: Make Right Friends:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni, MS Dhoni with friends
     Img Credit: News18.com

Surrounding ourselves with the right friends is one of the greatest ladders towards success. I see a lot of youngsters indulged in friendship with those friends who only want to waste their time.

As a result, many teenagers make such friends and their thinking and their actions become worse.

MS Dhoni was grateful to have such helpful friends. His friends always supported him in every stage of life.
More than his parents did!

So, Try to make right friends that would push you towards your goal instead of dragging you down.

#4: Never Give Up Attitude:

When MS Dhoni agreed to the Job of a Ticket Collector for Indian Railways, he was clearly able to see that his career and his passion is turning into a dream that he would not be able to achieve.

He started practicing even after giving all his energy to the railway station, he would return home and change his dress and would gear himself to practice more.

Another real-life example would be when MS Dhoni was not able to qualify for the Under 19 Indian Cricket Team for which he did all the hard work. Even after facing such situations, he did not lose hope.

As he said in an interview that He always believed himself. Dhoni knew that one day he would become successful, not immediately but absolutely and definitely.

#5: Time Management:

Time Management

Time Management is one of the key factors that draw the line between a successful person and an unsuccessful person.

Whole life an Unsuccessful person look for the ways to save his money. but he forgets that in the 21st Century, the real currency is time. The individual who has time is rich whereas the person who keeps on wasting the 24 Hr. provided to him, is or can be considered as poor.

This Life lesson from MS Dhoni is great for you. Many times there are situations where you are not able to manage your time well. So, What to do now?


Learn Time Management.

MS Dhoni used to finish his 3 Hr. long examination in just 2 Hr. so that he could get back on the ground and practice. It does not mean that he ignored his studies.

Instead, he was managing his studies and his passion at the same time with great will.

So, Try to manage your time well and invest your time in doing those tasks which will benefit you in the future.

#6: Celebrate Failures:

Many of us Celebrate victories, right?

But have you ever celebrated your Failure?


When Mahendra Singh Dhoni was not selected as the part of the Under 19 Indian Cricket Team, his friends and his family were so disheartened. But, what was his reaction?

Well, he decided to celebrate this failure by giving a "Samosa Party!"

(Samosa: A famous Indian Snack)

Why he did that?

Because he was Very happy for other players who got selected in the team. He came to know that, to be a part of Indian Cricket Team, he would have to work harder and get to a point where he is right now!

So, Learn from MS Dhoni's Life Lesson and instead of feeling jealous of someone's victory, Celebrate their victory and look what you did wrong and learn from our mistakes. Take responsibility for your own action, Instead of complaining and criticizing others or the situations.

#7: Take Risks:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni
      Img Credit: The Week

I have always emphasized that Risk Taking is an art. And you must learn this art form as soon as you can. Because life will not provide you everything right at your doorstep. You will have to walk towards your rewards.

Always remember that whenever you think that there's a risk in doing a particular thing, then look it as an opportunity for growth.

Now, Here I am talking about the Calculated Risk.

MS Dhoni had a Ticket Collector job in railways which paid him a decent amount of money. His parents were happy and everything was all right. But, one night he returned home and said to his father that he will not be able to continue his job.

He admited that he wants to play Cricket for his nation. "I Can Only Choose Either of the two, Railways or Crciket, And I took Cricket as an Option." Said MS Dhoni.

Now, Here Dhoni took a calculated risk. He didn't just blindly said that he wants to quit his job which was the only earning source for his family. Dhoni knew that he has a talent which he wanted to showcase to the world. And for that opportunity, he took a "Calculated Risk."

#8: Learn to Take Tough Decisions:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni
       Img Credit: Hindustan Times

You can relate to this.

There are and there will be many situations in front of you where you will have to make decisions. And by decisions, I mean "The Real Tough Decisions."

You will have to analyze the Pros and Cons of your decisions based upon the current situation. Or Else, your decision may affect your life.

Decision Making is something that you cannot learn or recite through a book. It comes from experience. 

So, Throughout the day, whenever you get any chance to make decisions, just write down that why did you choose a particular option? By answering these types of question you will be able to leap into your own mindset.

You will come to know that, How do you think about making a Decision?

MS Dhoni took a massive decision which earned him many critics and haters. Even Team Management was not happy with his decision. He decided to drop Dravid, Laxman, and Ganguly from the ODI team. 

These players have been a crucial part of the Indian Cricket Team, but according to MS Dhoni, they no longer provided the results that Indian Cricket demands. So, he decided to drop them from the Indian Cricket Team.

#9: Never Forget Your Roots:

Life Lessons From MS Dhoni, Crowd Supporting Dhoni
      Img Credit: espncricinfo.com

Even after earning so much respect, love, fame, money, etc. MS Dhoni still is a grounded person. He never let his fame and success overrule his mindset. He always believed that A person should never forget where he came from.

It's like a Tree that growes huge and is feeling arrogant about his vast size. But, he forgot that, it was not him that made him bigger, it was his roots that clinched to the soil. It is the root that has holded the tree, and once the roots become weak, he will no longer be able to stand tall.

So, No matter how far you go or how much you achieve, you should remember those people and those places that supported you in your toughest times.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the legendary icons from the sports field. And in this article, we had shared 9 Life Lessons from MS Dhoni that I am sure fits everyone.

These Life Lessons covers all the aspects of Human Life. And these are taken from his real-life experiences.

So, Here's a Quick Recap of all the Life Lessons:

  • Be Hungry for Knowledge
  • Have the Courage to Follow Your Passion
  • Make Right Friends
  • Never Give Up Attitude
  • Time Management
  • Celebrate Failures
  • Take Risks
  • Learn to Take Tough Decisions in Life
  • Never Forget Your Roots


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