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 Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh: Hey There! In our last article, we had talked about the life lessons from MS Dhoni. And in our series of Life Lessons, today we will be giving a sneak peek into the life of one of the greatest players in the Indian Cricket History- Yuvraj Singh. So, In this article, we will be sharing 8 Life Lessons from Yuvraj Singh. These Life Lessons are covered after reading his book as well as analyzing his interviews. So, Let's get started.

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh

Who is Yuvraj Singh?

Yuvraj Singh is one of the greatest all-rounders in the Indian Cricket History. He had impressed his fellow teammates as well as his nation by his all-round performance in every match.

Yuvraj Singh is the son of a great fast bowler- Yograj Singh. Since his father was not able to make it to the international Indian Cricket Team, he tried to complete his dream by making Yuvraj Singh, his son, a great all-rounder.

All was going good and Yuvraj Singh was all set for the most awaited cricket tournament, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. That's when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung which left everyone in shock.

Till March 2012, he fought against cancer with great will power and a stubborn person like him had to win this life and death match. He was discharged from the hospital and later made a comeback in International Cricket.

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Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh

#1: Practise Makes a Man Perfect:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh
      Img Credit: News18.com

As I said, his father was a great fast bowler and always wanted to play for his nation. But, he was not able to make it a long-lasting career. He supported and motivated his son, Yuvraj Singh, to become an all-round cricketer.

In the making of the legend- Yuvraj Singh, his father played a very important role.

There was an incident that marks the beginning of the making of Yuvraj Singh.

"Take Your Bag and let's go him. Let me see how would you not play cricket!" These were the words from Yograj Singh who had just met another great player Navjot Singh Sidhu. He said to Yograj Singh that, "Your Child is not made for cricket and he will not be able to play cricket well."

Yograj Singh himself was a stubborn personality and when both of them came home, Yuvi's father converted the backyard into a marble cricket pitch which had floodlights.

He was so obsessive with bouncers that he kept on pitching short balls until Yuvraj became perfect in it. He also took Yuvraj to a nearby cricket club and asked the boys that were bigger than the 10 Year Old Yuvraj to bowl to him. And during this session, Yuvraj was not permitted to wear helmets.

Well, What was the result of this tough training?

When Yuvraj Singh played his first ODI against Australia, the Australian fast bowlers like Bret Lee and Jason Gillespie kept on delivering short balls to Yuvraj Singh. 

But Since Yuvraj already knew to counter these type of deliveries, he played well against the Australian fast bowlers. People were shocked to see a young guy playing this type of fast short deliveries well.

#2: Performance Matters:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh
       Img Credit: Zee News

Yuvraj Singh knew that he has the potential to become a great cricket player. But, he did not rely on his potential. He knew that in International Cricket, your potential will not give you a place in the Indian Cricket Squad, But Performance will.

So, just like Yuvraj Singh, we all know that we are good at something, but if you will not turn your potential into performance then you will not be able to leave a mark on this world.

For Eg: You know that you are good at painting, but if you are still not giving time to our painting and doing the 9-5 Job then you will not be able to make money out of your passion.

So, Always remember this quote:

People do not care how fast you did a job, they care how well you did it.

So, Whether you are a Student or a person working in an organization, you will need to perform well in order to stay in the pack. Or else, any other person can take your place and you will lose another opportunity.

#3: Find Good Mentors:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh, Yuvraj with Harbhajan
       Img Credit: IndiaTvNews.com

When Yuvraj Singh fixed his spot in the Indian team, there was only a single young player other than him- Harbhajan Singh.

Every Senior out there didn't like that two young boys are trying to take their place in the team. That's when Seniors like Vikram Rathour, Amit Sharma and Sandeep Sharma supported them.

Similarly, if you are working in an organization then there will be few people around you who are trying to pull you down from the ladder of success. It is all because they do not want anyone to take their place.

In this case, you should find good seniors and friends that would support you in the organization. By doing this your journey to become a successful person becomes easier.

#4: Turn Anger into Motivation:

This incident played a very important role in Yuvraj Singh's career. 

It was the first ever T20 World Cup. England and India were ready to face each other. During the match, Andrew Flintoff, an English Player had a clash with words with Yuvraj Singh. As a result, Yuvraj became so angry by the way Flintoff talked to him that he hit 6 Sixes in an over of Stuart Broad.

He did not respond back with his words but as they say, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words", Yuvraj Singh clearly sent a message to the conscience of Flintoff that this is his reply.

You can watch the video below for a better understanding.

Source: Pravesh Jain (Youtube Channel)

It's not Yuvraj Singh, Many great legends created history with the help of anger. And the best part which was similar in all of them was that they did not believe in replying with words.

Instead, they were more into replying their critics by their actions. 

So, Learn to give direction to your anger and then see what happens!

#5: Be the One:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh, Young Yuvraj Singh
        Img Credit: SportsKeeda

Yuvraj Singh always believed that an individual should be so strong that even in worst conditions he can win.

With the same temperament, Yuvraj Singh played a match against Australia in 2007. Yuvraj was still batting and the wickets kept on falling from the other side. He was carrying the scoreboard like a One Man Army. 
He scored 121 Runs in 115 Balls.

But, unfortunately, India was not able to win the match but a strong example was set that even a single player can bring a team close to a win.

In life, there are many difficulties and many people give up too quickly.

But you should remind yourself that you are not a quitter but a fighter. Be the best in what you do and whatever the situation maybe, you have to stand strong.

#6: This Shall Too Pass:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh, Yuvraj During ChemoTherapy
        Img Credit: The Hindu

When Yuvraj Singh went to Boston and Indianapolis for chemotherapy, he was able to see many people who came there as patients. But, they all were happy and cheerful. Some of them were drinking coffee whereas some of them were cracking jokes at the corner.

He thought that "Are they really happy or are they acting it out?"

Whatever the case maybe. On that day he learned that no difficulty is too big from us.

Situation and Positivity are inversely proportional to each other. When we think that situation is in our control we become more positive. But if we think that the situation is bigger than us, then our positivity vanishes in seconds. Try to Build a Positive Attitude even in the worst conditions.

Yuvraj Singh says that you should remember this phrase every time whenever there is a difficulty. Because hearing this phrase can make a happy person as sad and an unhappy person as joyful.

"This Shall Too Pass" is the phrase. When a happy person thinks about this phrase, he becomes sad thinking that his good fortune is going to end one day. But when an Unhappy person hears this phrase, he/she become more positive towards life.

#7: Withstand Pain/Difficulties: 

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh, Yuvraj During World Cup 2011
        Img Credit: QueryHome

Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, which was the year when the World Cup was organized in India.

Despite the pain and low energy, he went out to bat for the nation. By watching his batting, bowling, and fielding, no one can predict that he had a serious disease.

He had breathing difficulties and regular blood vomiting during the World Cup. But his passion for the game and for his fans was so big that he withstand all those pain and difficulties and became the Man of the tournament.

During the Match between India and West Indies, Yuvraj vomited on the pitch itself and was undergoing enormous pain and nausea.

Still, he got up and scored 113 Runs for his nation and took 2 Wickets. As a result, India managed to restrict West Indies till 188 Runs.

So, Just like Yuvraj Singh, there will be many circumstances where you will feel weak. But you should remind yourself who you are. You are a fighter and a warrior. Get up and run for your dreams again.

#8: Control Your Thoughts:

Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh, Yuvraj Singh Quote
       Img Credit: Awaaz Nation

Last but not least.

This Life Lesson from Yuvraj Singh is very helpful for you. So, when he was undergoing chemotherapy, he had to withstand heartbreaking pain in the whole body. He was feeling weak and tired and was not able to even get up.

That's when he shared that Hope is the greatest feeling that God has given us.

What he did was, he divided his thoughts into 2 Clouds. First Cloud had all the things like Maybe this Cancer is dangerous, Maybe I will not be able to play cricket now, etc.

The Second Cloud had Hope. It had thoughts like, I will play for my nation again, I will be fit again, etc.

But, if you look at the first cloud as well, it had no negative impact because all the statements had "Maybe" in their starting.

By using the word Maybe you tell your brain that it's not final yet.

So, you can also control your mind by making these two clouds in your journal and you can find out yourself if it benefits you or not.


In this Article, we shared 8 Remarkable Life Lessons From Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj Singh is one of the greatest players that Indian Cricket had and he had struggled a lot in his life. He went through cancer and defeated it to make a great comeback in International career.

But, On 10th June 2019, Yuvraj Singh declared his wish to retire from International Cricket.

In a Press Conference, he said that:

I Would say that I am Extremely lucky to play 400+ games for my nation. I would have not imagined doing it at the start of my career. Through this journey, the matches that were memorable for me are- the 2002 Natwest Series Final, My First test Century, the 2007 England Test Series, the 6 Sixes and 2007 World T20. And the Most memorable one was the 2011 World Cup Final.

On the Occasion of his farewell, we shared the following life lessons from Yuvraj Singh which will benefit you in life:

  • Practise Makes a Man Perfect.
  • Performance Matters
  • Find Good Mentors
  • Turn Anger into Motivation
  • Be the One
  • This Shall Too Pass
  • Withstand Pain/Difficulties
  • Control Your Thoughts


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