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Morning Habits: Hey There! Morning is one of the crucial time in the lives of both successful and unsuccessful person. Because Successful person makes the best use of it whereas Unsuccessful person wastes their morning time in checking out their Instagram notifications. Follow these 11 Morning Habits that will help you to start the day right. Also, Stay tuned till the end because I am going to share my own Morning Routine.

Morning Habits

Now, I am not forcing you to perform all these habits, but try to perform most of them. I will be providing my Morning Routine at the end of this article so that you would get an idea about how this idea works.


FAQ about Morning Habits

What Is a Good Morning Routine?

A Good Morning Routine would be the one in which you give some time to yourself. Mornings are the best time to plan out the day and look at your strengths and weaknesses and analyze the actions that you are going to take on that day by writing them down in a Journal.

After this self-assessment, you can burn your calories by doing some exercise and to make your brain work faster you can meditate that will help you to visualize your goals and will help you to practice patience in life.

What are the Morning Habits of Students?

Mornings are the best time to study as your brain is fresh and is ready to take new information. Don't start with a tough subject right off because you are still sleepy and after reading that first paragraph of Battle of Plassey, you may think that sleeping is better than this.

So, to make your morning a bit easier you can start off with an Easy subject and study it for 20 Minutes. Now that you are awake and confident then you can start to eat the frog.

Morning Habits Books?

Well, reading books can also help you to understand the benefits and procedures of the morning routine. Read the following books to get good morning tips. Click on the Book to View Price.

Morning Habits

#1: Wake Up Early:

Morning Habits

To start doing your Morning Habits you will first need to wake up early. Waking Up early is one of the initial steps towards the start of a morning routine.

Well, You Can read our article on How to Wake Up Early? Waking Up Early is one of the habits of successful people. They are ready to start their day an hour before the world awakes. This 1 Hr. helps them to analyze their goals and dreams after which they are working harder and smarter.

To Wake up early in the morning is the first decision that you take in a day which can impact your life. Many people tend to snooze their alarm by saying that -" Just 5 More Minutes!" But these 5 Minutes waste their entire day.

So, Don't be like them and try to sacrifice your sleep because Just dreaming about your goals will not help you to reach them. You will have to take actions and work for it. So, Get up and Work for your dreams Now!

#2: Journaling:

Morning Habits

The Classic Word for the Tool that I call "ActionPrint".

What is the Journal?

 A Journal in Simple words refers to a set of pages or a book in which you write down your goals and dreams and lay out a blueprint on how to achieve your goals.

It may sound stupid and just time waste, but it is the best and the oldest method used by world leaders to achieve their life goals.

Why Do I Call it "ActionPrint"?

Since it is an Action Plan to achieve your dreams which also acts as a blueprint for your success, I call it the "ActionPrint". Sounds Great, Right?


How to Write a Journal?

  • Step 1: Buy a Copy/Register/Diary:
  • Step 2: Write Down Dates of Coming 10 Days in Each Individual Papers.
  •  For Eg: Page 1 - Date 1                         Page 2- Date 2
  • Step 3: After Writing dates on each page, Write down your goals for the day in which you are right now. 
  • Step 4: Then Write down Points that you want to gove your self when you will achieve that goal.
  • Step 5: At the End of the day, cross out those goals that you have accomplished and count the total points that you scored and write it down at the bottom.
  • Step 6: Those Goals which you have not yet accomplished, just shift that goal on to the next day. But don't do it more than once because then you will start taming your habit of postponing the important tasks.

You Can use Journal as your self analyst. How?

Well, You can write down your strengths and weaknesses in your journal and try to play on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

You can also write in your journal about the things that you learned in the past day. For Eg: If Someone made fun of you and you felt very raged and angry thinking that what other's might think, You can write it down in your Journal like- " I learned to ignore people since it's my life not there's and I do not care what they think. What matters is How I see myself?"

You can Use your journal as your wish but be sure to make one because it has lots of benefits.

#3: Reading:

Morning Habits

I have always emphasized that you cannot become successful unless you are eager to install new information inside you. You should be hungry for new information. Because this is the 21st Century and people do not respect those who look good, They respect people on how they talk in conversations and their knowledge.

Lack of Knowledge is the sole basis of your Fear. For Eg: There are 2 people A and B. Both are asked to run a marathon. A has no idea about marathon because he didn't participate in any marathon. Whereas B is an Olympic Gold Medalist and he knows about the tricks and all the information needed to run in a marathon.

Who will Win?

B. Why?

Because he knew how to run in a marathon.

Now replace the marathon by your field of work. If you are a student, you should be an expert in your subject. It is not mandatory but tries to be the best. And if you are in a job, then try to be the best in your field of work. You should have all the information about your field. 

Education is the key to become successful. An Educated person is respected wherever he goes. 

What Can I Read?

Well, when you wake up in the morning you should read motivational and self-improvement books since it will keep your morale high throughout the day and you will feel energetic about your work. Whereas before sleep, you can read your Fiction Book in order to relax a bit.

If you do not have self-improvement books and Fiction books, then don't worry. Read Newspapers to gain knowledge about current affairs. Nowadays Newspapers have these sections divided on the reader interest.

For Eg: A business column is given in which all the current information about stocks and business is given. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you can read the Sports section. If you like writings and poetry, you can read those (The Times of India's Speaking Tree).

So, there is plenty of information available out there. Be sure to use the Internet as well to learn new things. Watch Youtube videos about your field and learn something new. Do not waste your time following others on Instagram and then feeling sad about the photos that you think are "garbage quality."

#4: Exercising:

Morning Habits

Want to Start Healthy Morning?

We have discussed reading which will keep your mind fit and healthy. But for the mind to work, the body also needs to be fit. Exercising is one of the Habits of Successful people that they perform in mornings.

Since you are fresh and energetic in mornings, you are able to perform more activities perfectly. Exercising does not mean that you should join a gym trainer and go to the gym every day. Unless you have the time and money to go to a gym, I will not recommend that.

I am 17 Yrs. Old and I workout at my home only. There are plenty of youtube videos and articles that you can take help of in order to work out at home without any types of equipment.

Your Workout session does not need to be 1Hr. to 1.5Hr. You can finish it within 10 Minutes. Yes!

I Exercised only for 10 Minutes for last three months and I can feel that my body is becoming fit. I am more positive about situations and I remove my frustration and bad experiences during my workout session.

You can take help of many applications that are available in your Play Store. For Eg: 7 Minute Workout is one of the applications that I use. It has various exercises that you can perform in your home.

Now, Even if you are exercising for 1 Hr. every day, If you are still eating those Hotdogs and High Calory foods, then you will not be able to become fit.

Exercising is accompanied by proper food and protein drinks. Look upon the internet to find more information about this stuff. Many people also tend to skip there breakfast in the morning.

It is one of the biggest mistakes that 90% of people make. When they are late for school or office, they just skip breakfast. It is not advisable to skip your breakfast.

#5: Meditation: 

Morning Habits

Meditation is something that many people think is boring and a waste of time. But these people do not know the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation keeps your body and minds calm.
  • You are able to take better decisions.
  • You feel a positivity boost in your thought process.
  • Vision and thoughts become more clear and transparent.

See, Meditation is not something that you have to sit like an idol. It is more than that.

When you are meditating, you are actually telling your brain to stop thinking for at least 20 Minutes. Whatever useless information you have gathered over the past few days can be washed away by meditation.

Meditating creates a connection and bond between you and your soul. You can tell the mind to be calm and just concentrate on your breath. When we meditate, our brain focuses on just one thing that we want to think about when we are meditating.

But, the Real Question is, What Should I Think About When I Meditate? You will get your answer in our next habit.

How to Meditate?

Step 1: Find a great time and a calm place to meditate. I recommend Mornings since the weather is cool and the atmosphere is calm which is perfect for meditation.

Step 2: Sit in a comfortable position.

Step 3: Try to be calm for the first 5 Minutes and just stop thinking for at least 5 Minutes. Just Experience your surrounding. Listen to the birds and the cool breeze.

Step 4: Now, during these remaining 15 Minutes, perform the habit of Visualizing.

Other Quick Hacks:

At first, it would be tough to make your mind calm. What I did was I listened to meditation music that you can find on youtube which helped me to remain calm during my initial stages.

After a few attempts, you will be able to control your mind and thoughts. Be sure to try Meditation for at least 30 Days and you will be able to see the change in yourself.

#6: Visualization:

Morning Habits

Have you ever thought that Why we feel more comfortable telling lies rather than telling the actual truth to someone?

It is because Our brain is wired or programmed like this since our childhood. When we are young, Our brain acts like an empty vessel which needs information. Now, when we do any mischief in our childhood and when our parents ask us "Did you done this?"

And we simply answer "NO". Because if we say Yes, we get punishment from our parents. We get punishment for admitting our mistake which is a good thing. But since we feel bad and fear about that scold from our parents, You tend to lie which becomes your habit. Why?

Because in your subconscious mind it is saved that you will get punished if you will tell the truth.

So, it is advisable to parents to not scold your kids for the good deeds they have done.

How Can You Rewire Your Brain?

The answer simply lies in the trick of Visualization.

What is Visualization?

Well, as the name suggests it is visualizing about something. And that "Something" should be replaced with the life that you want to live. Yes. You will have to think about that Red Lambhorgini Aventador parked outside your big mansion which has a great lawn, swimming pool, and a basketball court. 

Just Imagine that you are holding a glass of coffee and you are looking outside your Mansion, the crowd is chanting your name outside your house and they just want to meet you. Man, When I am writing these, I am myself getting Goosebumps!

This is Visualization. Always remember that the things we experience happen with us twice. Once in our mind and the second time in Reality.

Visualization is the best way to make your brain believe that you can achieve something big like this. 

There is a famous quote:

If you think that you can do it, you are halfway there.

Why is it true?

Let's get back to your childhood again. Whenever you did some mistake your parents, friends or even neighbors would have said something like "He/She is very Stupid."

And when they tell the same thing over and over again, you will yourself think and accept that "Yes, I am a Stupid and I can't achieve anything big in my life." 

So, try Visualising about your dreams and the tasks that you want to achieve and it works. Your meditation session (The rest 15 Minutes) should be about this trick.

Even, Law of Attraction works the similar way. When you are going to sleep, just close your eyes and think about the things that you want to attract to yourself. It can be money, Success, Fame, etc.

And your brain will feed this information and will keep reminding you about these kinds of stuff. Whenever you will feel like giving up, your brain will automatically remind yours about your goals which I think is the best motivator in the world.

Whenever you feel like quitting, Just Imagine why you started it.

 #7: Gratitude:

Expressing Gratitude is one of the Habits of Highly Successful People and believe me, mornings are the best time to say thank you to everyone and everything that you have. 

Most of us often feel bad about the things that we do not possess. But, if you ill look around yourself, you have many things that not many people have. For Eg: You can see the beautiful world with your eyes but just think about those people who are not able to witness this beautiful world. 

Just do not express gratitude just for the sake of it. Or else you will not be able to understand it's true worth.

Gratitude is a simple thing but many people find or make it complex.

Just Write in your journal about the things that you have. And do not think about the things that you do not have at the moment. You can write in your journal, a few lines like:

  • Thank You, God, for Giving me such a Wonderful Family and Friends.
  • Thank You, God, for giving me a Shelter to live.
  • Thanks for Providing me the clothes and food in the world where many people still sleep with an empty stomach.

These are a few Valuable things that you can thank about.

So, Express Gratitude during your morning routine and you can see that you are becoming more positive about the things that you have and with the time you will be able to realize the value of the people and the things in front of you.

#8: Make Your Bed:

The Morning Habits that I mentioned above can seem to be a big step. But, if you still want to start small then Making Your Bed after waking up is one of the habits that I would Suggest.

Seeing your bed after a hard day's work is just relaxing. You just want to rush towards your bed and just turn on your AC/Fan and sleep like you are in heaven. 

But, If your bedsheet and your pillow are lying here and there when you come back from work, it can be very frustrating to arrange your bed and then sleep because you are already tired. 

So, it is better to invest your 5 Minutes to make your bed so that when you come back home, you will not worry about your good night sleep.

Making your bed can be the first step to make your mornings, especially your night awesome.

#9: Spend Time with Nature:

Morning Habits

This is Obviously not a habit, but since I use this trick, I am going to mention it here.

After your meditation session, you are more motivated and calm about your goal and you are clear about your path that leads to success. This trick here acts like an Icing on the Cake.

What I do is, After my Meditation Session, I just try to spend some time with Nature. How?

Well, I just go out and take a deep breath. Mornings have the freshest air and I bet that you will not regret it.
Then I water the plants that we have in our backyard and believe me, it is one of the best things to do in the morning.

#10: Spend Time With Family:

Morning Habits

Now, Most of us maybe living in an apartment or flat. And there, spending time with Nature can be a difficult task. So, How Can You Boost Your Positive Morale?

You can spend time with your family. We are living in an age where we need to work more and we are more interested in spending time with our smartphones rather than our parents.

Even most of us do not eat with their parents. Either they would just skip the dinner with their parents and would eat from a restaurant or something. Or else if they are at home, they do not sit with their family at the dining table. These people would take the dinner plate and would move back to their room.

See, these are bad habits that many youngsters are taming within themselves. Your parents and your family will not be there with you always. So, try to make every moment special that you spend with them.

Drinking morning Coffee or Tea with your parents can be the best way to start off your day with a positive mood.

#11: Affirmations:

Morning Habits

Last but not least. This Morning Habit is a supporting actor for our main hero that is Visualization.

Research shows that those individuals that tend to say positive statements to themselves after visualizing their dreams are more successful. With the help of affirmations, you can make your Morning Routine Complete and power packed.

Affirmations are the positive statements that you say to yourself. For Eg:

  • I Can Do It.
  • Today is My Day.
  • I Will Work Harder for My Dreams.
  • I am a Living Legend.

You can even write them in your journal to make it more efficient and effective. Remember that you should rewire your brain, and you tend to believe those statements that are repeated over and over again.

So, Why don't you take advantage of this Natural Phenomenon of tricking your Sub Conscious mind?

One was your favorite habit, Mention it in Comments Below!


Mornings are the best way to get ahead of your competition. When all others are sleeping, you should wake up in order to accomplish your dreams. This can be fulfilled by performing few Morning Habits in your Morning Routine in order to start your day right.

So, What are these Morning Habits?

  • Waking Up Early
  • Journaling.
  • Reading
  • Exercising
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Gratitude
  • Make Your Bed
  • Spend Time with Nature
  • Spend time with family
  • Affirmations

My Morning Routine:

  • 4:50 AM: Wake Up 
  • 5:00 AM - 5:20 AM: Meditation
  • 5:20 AM - 5:40 AM: Journal Writing/Affirmations/Gratitude
  • 5:40 AM- 6:00 AM: Water Plants/ Drink morning Tea with parents
  • 6:00 AM: Start Your Day! All the Best.

So, Investing just your 1 Hr. in yourself, you can become successful or at least you will take a big step towards achieving success this year. 


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