How to Improve Communication Skills Using 13 Delightful Strategies

Communication Skills: Hey There! Improving Communication Skills is necessary if you want to leave a mark on this society and the world. Well, No Worries, In this article we will be sharing  13 tips to improve your communication skill. If you are interested in the topic then stay tuned till the end. We have also covered FAQ.

How to Improve Communication Skills

This article also contains some advanced communication skills improvement tips so that you can improve your conversation skills with every aspect possible.


FAQ About Communication Skills

What is Effective Communication?

Effective communication simply means how well you can understand the other person with the help of those few minutes of conversation between you and the other person. And at the same time, they should feel that you have a great ability to communicate at the workplace, school or even at parties.

If you are a good storyteller and if you can share stories in a very profound way then you can too become an effective communicator.

Effective Communication requires two strategies:

  • Understanding the other person.
  • Exchange of ideas.
Every time you communicate with one another, these two aspects of communication plays an important role.

You can only be able to understand the other person if you will put your 100% focus on them and try to exchange your idea with them. And to exchange your ideas with the other person, you will have to successfully deliver the message that you want to convey.

This can also be the basic definition of Communication Skill.

How Can I Improve My Communication Skills at Work?

If you want to be a successful corporate leader or a successful employee then you will have to understand your colleagues well. In businesses and office, time is the most crucial factor.

And a good communicator delivers the message in a sweet, simple and understandable form and at the same time utilizes little or no time.

Have you met people who are not able to or they are not sure about what to talk about and how to talk about a specific topic?

And whenever they try to explain the message they require more time. And there are other categories of people who just come and say the message to the point without any further explanation and is understandable at the same time.

So, If you can communicate well without wasting your and other's time, then you can improve your communication skills at work.

Another Powerful tip can be that you should always try to praise your employees or colleagues in front of everyone. This shows that you like them and their work.

Whereas you should make them realize their mistake in personal and not in front of everybody.

Most of the corporate leaders do exactly the opposite and that's why they are unable to extract out the best outcome from their employees and colleagues.

How to Improve Communication Skills in English?

Many people still struggle to become an effective communicator because they are unable to speak English with confidence.

Everyone can speak English, yes, even you. Many people think that the other person will make fun of them and they never speak in English to avoid this situation.

If it happens with you as well, then stop it right now. It all comes down to confidence. If you can speak your "Broken English" with confidence then it will sound like "Spoken English."

But, speaking with confidence will not get the job done. If you want to improve your communication skills in English then you can use these tips to improve your vocabulary:
  • Watch English movies: At starting, with subtitles to get the words and pronunciation correct and then without subtitles to understand what the actor/actress is trying to say with their gestures.
  • Read Books: Reading books can help you to improve your vocabulary and selection of words in the conversation.
  • Listen to Podcasts: Listen to English podcasts to understand, learn and recite the way of talking, and the selection of words.

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How To Improve Communication Skills

#1: Parroting Technique:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Parroting Technique

Parroting Technique is one of the easiest but yet ignored tip to improve your communication game. Author Leil Lowndes says in her book that the parroting technique has helped her to step up her communication level.

What Exactly is Parroting Technique and How you can use it?

Parroting Technique simply means to repeat the last 3 words that the other person has just said to you. For Eg: In the conversation between Jacob and  Rohan you can clearly see that Rohan is using the Parroting Technique to build the conversation further.

Jacob: You Know, I went to India and it's such a beautiful place.
Rohan: Beautiful Place! Yes, it is.
Jacob: I loved their spices and wonderful people. 
Rohan: Yeah, there are wonderful people in India.
Jacob: You know what? I also learned horse riding there.
Rohan: Horse Riding? Great!


Rohan is just manipulating the exact same sentence that Jacob is saying but due to this manipulation, Jacob is still interested in sharing his views about India.

So, to use this technique you just have to repeat the exact last three words that the other person has just said to you and you can stitch a perfect conversation from thereon.

There is also a visual parroting technique which is a bit similar to the one that we just discussed.

But in the second technique, you don't repeat the words but you try to imitate the other person. For Eg:
You can imitate the other person's specific words that he/she is using frequently and you can even imitate their gestures.

NOTE: But, Don't overdo it because it may seem awkward and the communication gap will increase between you and the other person.

This technique is used because studies have shown that most of us try to spend time with those people who are similar to us, or who think and behave like us. 

So, You can use these two techniques when you are in one to one conversation because, in groups, these methods may fail to be the game-changer.

#2: Say Name of the Person:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Communication Skill

A quick question for you.

When you are called by someone by your name and when you are called by someone without your name.
Which one of the 2 scenarios do you like the most?

90% of the people would have chosen the first option. Why?

Because you like when someone calls you with your name.

Calling someone with their name sends a subconscious message to other person's brain that "You have been recognized by someone." And this subconscious message delivers a sense of joy and respect in the other person.

Name is the greatest way to influence the other person. Whenever you will meet someone, whether it's your friend or a third party, you should always remember their names and should call them by their name.

Saying the person's name is a good indicator that you are an effective communicator.

#3: Listening Vs Understanding:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Improve Communication

Most of the people listen to the conversation. And so do you, right?

Well, listening is not a communication skill. Understanding is the one!

How well you are understanding the person and how well you are being understood by the person is the core of a good conversation.

Most people listen to the words from one ear and then spill out the exact words from another ear. Don't be like that! If you want to improve your communication skill then you will have to understand the conversation.

Understanding simply does not mean that you can identify with the ideas of another person. The main motive of conversation is to learn from it.

If you are communicating with others then there should be a point. If there is no point of conversation then you both are wasting your time.

Rich people always know what they want to learn and what they want to deliver from the 5 Minute Conversation that happens between them and their prospect.

So, don't just listen but also understand and take positives from the conversation that you can too apply in your own lifestyle.

The root cause of a fight or disapproval in interests within the conversation is that both the persons are unable to understand each other's point of view.

For Eg: There is a famous picture where two people are standing and there is a 6 Written on the floor. The right one would say that it is a 6. But the left one will argue about it and he will show disapproval.


Because for him, the 6 is 9.

Now, in this situation both the individuals are not wrong. But both of them are unable to get and understand each other's point of view.

Another PRO Tip that I will give you here is that there are and there will be many instances where it may seem like one person is dominating the conversation and the other is just quiet and sitting like a statue.

The thing is that don't try to share all your life experiences and give a chance to the person in front of you as well.

A good communication skill display that you are talking only as much as you are also listening to the other individual.

So, Use these 3 Co-Related tips to improve your communication skill.

#4: Feel Confident:

The problem is not within you, it's your confidence.

A Confident person can make it or break it. For Eg: If you are confident in a conversation then that displays a lot of charisma but at the same time if you are overconfident then it may seem like you are a bit selfish and always think about yourself.

Well, you have to use Confidence with Care.

Have you ever wondered what causes a lack of confidence when you are trying to interact with your friend circle and even your family get together?

The problem is lack of knowledge. Yes!

You do feel a bit low confidence and morale in yourself because you don't know what to talk about?

And that is the case with many others as well. What happens then?

As a result, people are unable to build conversation and at the end screw up the entire interaction. Confidence plays an important role in the business and corporate world.

And not just the Corporate world but in every sector. You should have at least thorough knowledge about your field of interest.

For Eg: If in a business interaction between the prospect and the salesperson, The prospect asks about the product, the company, how it's manufactured, where it is manufactured, etc. And if the salesperson does not have full knowledge about what they are selling, then they feel low confidence and as a result, the consumer thinks that the company is itself a "Fraud."

Let's take another example.

In a group discussion, everyone is communicating with each other and sharing their stories, if you are unable to share your story then it is because you do not have knowledge about the discussion topic.

QUICK HACK: Before going to any of these group discussions just be updated with the latest news of all categories, whether it's sports, Bollywood/Hollywood, business, schemes, etc.

So, have at least some knowledge about what is happening in the world and feel confident.

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#5: Adapt the Mood:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Skills Communication

An effective communicator knows what expression should he carry onto different occasions. For Eg: You would not laugh at your friend if he has failed in his tests.

You will have to adapt to the mood of the person who is in front of you.

If he/she is happy then don't come with a crying face to spread negativity. Be delighted and smile. If you are feeling too blissful thinking about the final episode of "Stranger Things" and you are going to meet your friend who lost his pet, then you should adapt his mood and feel sorry for him.

Good and effective communication takes place only if you can understand the situation of the other individual. 

Everyone has problems and at the same time, everyone is happy with the small incidents that have happened to them. So, accordingly, you will have to adapt to the mood of the person.

This is a bit similar to the Visual Parroting Technique that I discussed in the 1st Point. Remember?

If the other person is talking about sport, then don't shy away and show your interest in the sport as well. 

If he/she is talking about how their day went, don't get reserved and share some funny incident from your day too.

Adapting the mood is also a communication skill that you should master to become an effective communicator.

#6: Say Thank You With A Reason:

How to Improve Communication Skills, People Skills

Do you say thank you to others when they have done something for you?

Of course, you do! (Right?)

But, to become a good interactive being, you will have to should say thank you to others but also state the reason.

Many times I have met people and even my friends who say thank you and more than 25% of instances I am unable to understand why they thanked me for?

So, to the dumb people like me, you should say thank you with the reason.

For Eg: If a person has brought you present for your birthday then don't say just "Thank You!"

Say, "Thank You to bring this wonderful gift." Or any other suitable phrase.

So, consider to show this ethic and give the reason for your special "Thank You!"

#7: Be Humurous:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Communication Skill, be funny

No one likes serious people. I know that in movies they show that the coolest person or the hero is the most serious one.

Well, it is not a reality. Just take an example of yourself. Do you like a serious person or an individual with a good sense of humor?

Always the second option, Well at least for me.

Now, to be humourous does not mean to crack irrelevant jokes at irrelevant times and just acting like a circus joker. No!

Being humorous means to be kind in a funny way. It has a modern term nowadays, Sarcasm.

Whatever it is, you get it right?

Well, you can read the article below where I have discussed being humourous and how it is an important communication skill.

#8: Think Before you speak or judge:

It's easy to judge a person by their appearance and the way of dressing. But you don't know the story behind it. So, don't judge.

And at the same time think before you speak.

Every person is different and everyone has to be treated differently. For Eg: Your cheerful and mischevious behavior is tolerated within your friend circle but you should not use the same tone and language with your teacher or even your boss and employees.

Many times unintentionally we say something that would hurt the other person's feelings. And it does happen.
So, it's better to say 5 Words with thinking than to spill out 50 Words without thinking.

Use a poet's strategy. Every sentence they say have a great and deep meaning. And the best part?

Well, they think before they speak.

Another pro tip that I will give you here is that don't keep on criticizing others. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, corporate leader or even an employee.

Always remember that if you will keep criticizing the person in front of everyone then he/she may get rude to you and to take revenge they can do anything.

Because when it comes to Ego and Respect, even the best lose their patience. So, always try that you should not insult anyone in front of others.

If you want to point out any mistake of that person then call him in person and then guide him on how can he prevent these mistakes and can contribute more to the firm or the enterprise.

So, praise your employees or colleagues in front of everyone but make them realize their mistake in personal attention.

#10: Warm Handshake:

How to Improve Communication Skills, communication skills

This communication skill can seem a bit normal and underrated, but I bet that this is one of the great ways to make a first impression in someone's mind.

Warm Handshakes display comfort, kindness, and confidence. Now, this does not mean that you should keep your palms all day in your pocket or carry a heater with you all the time.

The thing is that you should rub your hands for a few times before the handshaking process takes place.

This is a very small thing but believes me, it creates an environment of pleasure and comfort for the other person.

Another tip which is a bit related to this skill of interacting is that if you want to become a good communicator then you should be the first one to say hello.

Don't wait that your customer will come to you or your business partner will come to you and will say hello.

Just take the first step and say hello with a welcoming smile.

It shows that you are confident and you are ready to conquer the conversation by following some basic ethics that most people forget.

#11: Build a Conversation:

You would have noticed that the people who are good at communicating with others in the workplace or in society are good at building a conversation.

Now, What I mean by building a conversation?

This means that where are you taking the conversation or in which direction do you want to go.

For Eg: If you want to make a closing deal then you would not waste your time by starting with the question - "Did you watched the last episode of Stranger Things?"

I know I always take the example of this series but I think I am obsessed with it so please bare me.


Every conversation has its own direction and it will be totally dependent on how would you build the conversation.

The techniques that I discussed like the parroting technique or any other tip is a great way to build a conversation.

When you are in a group, building a conversation is a bit easy because all the members are actively participating in the conversation. 

But, when it comes to mutual conversation, most people don't know how to build a conversation. 

But, You will have to build a positive mentality to prevent these kinds of situation.

This is a huge difference between a good and effective communicator and an atrocious communicator.

If you are still confused about building a good conversation then you should definitely read How to Overcome Shyness article because there we have given a sample discussion which shows that "One Word" answers can almost kill your communication skills.

#12: Work On Your Pronunciation:

You would have met many people in your life who are unable to pronounce a word correctly and as a result, they become a center of discussion among friends and even at the workplace.

If you don't want to become like them then you should definitely work on your pronunciation of certain words.

See, the world is changing and if you will not upgrade or evolve yourself, then the world will forget you and will move on.

Few tips to improve your pronunciation are:

  • Watch Videos on youtube regarding this topic. There are many common words that you may be pronouncing wrong.
  • Analyze your "Problem Words". That is, look at those words which create or which may create a problem for you during communicating. Try to pronounce the word aloud again and again until you get the correct form.
  • Break the pronunciation of words into parts. For Eg: Instead of saying REFRIGERATOR as a whole, you can practice it as, REFRI-GE(J)-RATOR. 

So, work on your selection of words and your pronunciation to level up your communication skill.

#13: Take Jokes Lightly:

How to Improve Communication Skills, Be Jokeable

Robin Sharma in his book, The Greatness Guide 2 says that a person should be "Jokeable."

Many people get offended quite easily when the joke is regarding or connected to them. They feel alienated and either leave the conversation or head over to a nasty fight.

A good communicator uses the wit and cleverness of his words. If someone is trying to insult you then don't try to beat him/her or don't feel sad.

Instead, reply to them in their own style or with a bit cleverness. "Sarcasm" and "Come Backs" are the 2 ways which people regularly use to reply to someone.

You can work on those two areas. If you are in a business deal then don't try the above-mentioned things or else you are gonna lose your consumers.

If they are up for a fight of words, just realize your mistake and then provide a solution.

For Eg: Look at the difference in the below 2 conversations:

Consumer: Your product is the worst. It is not providing me the facilities that you promised.
Company: Sorry For your inconvenience sir but can you please provide the problems in the product?
Consumer: Yes, the T.V. that we brought yesterday is defected and was almost ready to catch fire because of overheating.
Company: We are extremely sorry sir, Please do not use that piece, we will exchange the T.V. with the new one and then you can enjoy your time.

Now, I know that dealing with such a consumer is not that easy, but all I wanted to show you was that when it comes to consumer-company interaction, you should admit your mistake.


Improving Communication skill is necessary to improve your leadership as well as your mingling in society.

Many people find it difficult to become an effective communicator, but in this article, we have shared 13 Strategies to become good at communication skills.

For those who want a quick recap of the points that we have just covered, here are all the tips:

  • Parroting Technique
  • Say Name of the Person
  • Listening Vs Understanding
  • Feel Confident
  • Adapt The Mood
  • Say Thank You with a Reason
  • Be Humourous 
  • Think before you speak
  • Don't criticize others
  • Warm Handshake
  • Build a Conversation
  • Work on your pronunciation
  • Take jokes lightly

Hope you liked all the tips given in the article If you did then comment down below What Strategies do you use in order to improve your communication skills?

Give answer as it will be beneficial to our readers.


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