Rich Vs Poor: 11 Things Rich Do That Poor Don't (Not Even You!)

Rich Vs Poor: Hey There! There might be some difference between the rich and the poor. Sure, we should not compare them as our "moral values" say so, but the thing is, there is a certain pattern of things that the rich do but the poor don't. And that creates the main differences between rich and poor. In this article, we are going to know the right way to be wealthy. But, First, let's move on to our FAQ Session.

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

So, Let us start with our Frequently Asked Questions session.


FAQ about Rich Vs Poor

What is the Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy?

Most people think that these two words are the same. Because most of the times these two are replaced with each other.

But, Here's a Catch!

Being Rich means to have a lot of money, bank balance but he/she does not know how to stay rich or is a millionaire without the knowledge.

For Eg: If a child is born in a rich family, we always say that "Well, He was born rich." We don't say, "Well, He was born wealthy."

See the difference?

Another Example would be that Bill Gates is Wealthy and rich. But, his daughter is just rich, not wealthy.

Because a wealthy person is wise and knows the real dark side of life. He/she has experienced the dark side as well as the brighter side of life which has made them learn some great life lessons.

So, You should always try to be a Rich as well as a Wealthy and Wise person.

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Rich Vs Poor Quotes?

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more is poor.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish. But it will not replace you as the driver. 

Expect the best. Prepare for worst. Capitalize what comes. 

That man is the richest whose pleasures are cheapest. 

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. 

97% Of the people who gave up too quickly are employed by the 3% who never gave up. 

Rich Vs Poor

#1: Investing Vs Savings:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

How many times have you heard this phrase, "You should always save money and you should train your kids to save money as well from a young age."

Well, it's not wrong at all.

But, here's the difference.

When you shift all your focus on just saving the money, your brain will be programmed to just be in your comfort zone because you have your savings as a backup, which is a good thing.

But, the reality is focussing on just saving will not make you rich. You will have to shift your focus towards earning more money.

Whenever you will try to save $1 from the 10$ Salary every day, you will not try to double your income. You should instead focus on converting that $10 into $20, $40, $100 and so on.

I bet that if you have kids then you are probably not teaching them about Investing. And the truth is that you don't even know about investing.

All you know is that it is risky. Well, whatever you do in your life, will have some amount of risk.

Investing is a great way to double your income. You can try out the best and the easiest method of investing Mutual Funds.

Why Rich people invest rather than saving money?

Because they know that at some point in time, the value of your money will not be the same. Some times the economy of a country is hit by inflation rates, at that time your savings will not help you. But Investing will.

You Can read our detailed discussion on Investing in our Article:

#2: Knowlege Vs Education:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

Many of us still think that the people who have topped their universities and schools have the highest paying job.

Well, it is true but only in a few cases. This is a common myth among people that education or just "Marks" are the sole basis on which a person is hired in a firm or an enterprise.

This is completely a wrong notion. 

See, There is a difference between Education and Knowledge.

To know a few equations of math will not help you totally the financial statement or to determine profit or lose in your firm. A good grade in English will not help you to communicate with real-life clients.

Rich people always emphasize in their Ted Talks and various other motivational speeches that Education is receiving some sort of facts that are going to benefit you for a temporary basis. 

Whereas the Knowledge that you are getting will benefit you in Future as well.

Now, it does not mean that You should not study well, because, at the end of the day, it will be your skills, not your marks that will decide your future.

But, you should respect the education that you are getting. It does not matter that it will benefit you in the future or not, but just study for yourself and your parents who are working day and night just to give you a better side of living.

But, at the same time, keep gathering knowledge through books, videos, and motivational Ted Talks, because it will enhance your knowledge and you can too follow the rich mindset.

#3: Building Trust Vs Jealousy:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

You too have noticed that Rich and Wealthy people are always ready to build their network.

They like to connect with people and talk to them regarding their experiences and expertise. On the whole, they try to build trust and respect in front of others.

I always say that this is a Modern and Social Age.

You will have to build connections and network with successful people in order to make your own mark in the society.

Although it is not that important it will help you to adapt to the rich mentality. Networking simply means to stay around those people who will benefit you in the future. 

Maybe find and make such friends who have the same goals and intentions as yours By doing so you will be able to analyze your competition as well.

Successful People are never jealous. They are ready to learn something new from every other person they meet. They are happy with some other individual's success and achievement.

Whereas the people with Poor Mentality try to pull down others. They don't want to make friends. They are jealous of other's achievement and glory.

If you are such kind of person, then you will not be able to make it big in your life. 

#4: Hard work Vs Luck:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

How many times have you said to yourself that, "He is rich and successful because he was lucky among the millions of others."

I know that many people carry such kind of notions with them but the thing is that this kind of ideologies will make you vulnerable to the coming threats in your life.

What kind of "Threats" am I talking about?

Well, these are, poor mentality, low self-esteem, low motivation, lack of focus and many others.

People always replace a successful person's hard work with luck.

Have you heard the phrase?
Luck favors the bravest.

Not many people dare to the hard work that is necessary to achieve success. They dare to put in the efforts that many people are not able to or not want to put.

That's why I always say that if you want to become rich and wealthy, then this age or time period is the best to accomplish your goals. 

It's because many people do not want to work for that extra !%. And so if only a few of them will put in that extra 1% of hard work, then they become wealthy and successful.

This phrase sums it all:

The main difference between rich and poor is that the people who are rich will never say that it was their luck that made them successful. 

The best example is of our favorite superstar, Robert Downey Jr. Whenever a reporter ask him that "Whom you will dedicate this award to?"

And most of the times his answer is, "Me." 


Because he knows that it was he who did all the hard work that made the difference. It was his zeal to become a successful person that many poor people name it as Luck.

Luck is not a success factor. 

Successful people and rich people always believe in their hard work. But poor people always believe that if they have any chance to become rich, then it will only be when they would win a lottery which all depend upon the luck.

Always remember that it was not your luck which played an important role in the condition that you are today. It was your past actions and the amount of hard work that made the change.

So, adapt this rich mentality and I bet you that it will be beneficial for you in the future as well.

#5: Service Provider Vs Service Holder:

Now, this is a tricky one. But here's the catch!

If you understand this difference between rich and poor, then I am sure that you can understand the whole mentality concept.

So, First, let's understand the difference between Service Provider and a Service Holder.

Who is a Service Provider?

A Service Provider is a person that provides his service or goods to the consumer. He/she is usually the manager, CEO or the owner of the company.

As a result, he/she never work under someone.

Their reward is calculated in terms of Profit.

Who is a Service Holder?

A Service holder is a person that holds a particular type of service or a designation and usually works under someone. He/she is usually the employees of an organization or an enterprise.

As a result, he/she work under some higher authority.

Their reward is Salary or Wages.

Now, that you have understood the difference between these two terms, let us understand the concept.

Robert Kiyosaki says that "The Moment in which a person hands over the salary or pays someone money in return to the work they have done, the other person adopt a poor mentality and usually he/she think that he/she are employed and whenever they will need money, they will have to work for this particular person."

Understood the concept?

See, I am not trying to say that the people who are currently in a job, they are poor. No!

What I want to highlight is that when you are doing a job and you get a minimum amount of salary every month, you get satisfied and you will stop growing from there.


Because your mind thinks that you have achieved your goal and now there is no reason to take risks. Now you have a fixed and a decent job and you are earning a few dollars or rupees.

But, When you think yourself as an organization, Then you are willing to take risks and you want to push your limits in order to be the best in your work.

Always remember that even if you are in a job right now, you are selling your services to the particular company in which you are currently working in. 

So, you are not getting wages/salary, instead, you are getting your profit. 

Adapt this kind of rich mentality in your life and this is one of the things rich do that poor don't.

Always carry yourself as Your Name Pvt.Ltd. You are not an employee but you are your own boss who is providing service to the firm.

#6: Focus on Earning Vs Focus on Spending:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

Another difference between a rich mindset and poor mindset is that rich and wealthy people never shift their focus on spending their valuable money on unnecessary things.

Whereas poor people always tend to spend more money than they earn for themselves. 

This results in the economic gap between a rich and a poor.

We all buy various kinds of things and we all want to enjoy. But the thing is that if you will spend your money on unnecessary things then you will not be able to become successful.

  • Okay, Let's take an example from your life. 
  • Just list down the things that you brought in the past 8-10 Months. 
  • Then analyze the things that you have brought. Look what if these things were your need or you could have lived without these expenditures.

90% of the time you will realize that maybe you have spent a lot of many useless items that you even rarely use.

Poor people spend their money on useless things that act as a liability for them.

For Eg: If your neighbor has purchased a car and you also purchase a car but bigger than him, then this is spending money on the useless thing. 

Why did you even buy the car?

Because you wanted to outshine your neighbor.

Now, this is a fictitious scenario. But there are many moments when you tend to do the exact thing.

So, Adapt this rich mentality and try to shift your focus on earning rather than spending. Rich people invest their money and use their capital wisely.

#7: Learning Vs Enjoyment:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

Before moving on, Just read this quote:

Whenever you are watching T.V. and Partying outside, remember that there is someone in some part of the world is struggling very hard to achieve his dreams and goals.

Many people waste their time on enjoyment rather than learning useful lessons.

The best example is of the Richest Investor, Warren Buffet. He was 13 when he first started calculating the accounts of various companies and started learning about stocks and profits. 

At this age, other kids are busy watching cartoons and playing video games.


If you want to be a rich and successful person then you will have to adapt to this rich mentality. 

Learning is a crucial factor when it comes to being the best in the world.

There are some people who learn from their surroundings, their life experiences, and there are some people who learn from life experiences of others through books, movies, etc.

And there are also many people who do not learn anything from anyone and just accept life the way it is. They want to be rich, but they do not want to take action for it.

So, Self Learning is one of the habits of successful people as well, It would be good for you if you would embed this habit in yourself as well.

Rich people always tend to be hungry for knowledge when all others are partying outside. This is the best example of a rich mindset.

#8: Dream Big Vs Dream Small:

Dreaming does not cost you. But still, you want to put limitations on your thoughts as well. Rich and wealthy people do not have this barrier in their imaginations. And this is also one of the major differences between rich and poor.

Let me share with you a small incident that happened to me.

I and My Friend were walking down the street and we saw a beautiful big house and a big luxurious AUDI Standing at its doorway. I Said to him, " One day we will become so rich and wealthy so that we will be able to own that car and that house." He suddenly rebuked, "We cannot even buy the roof of that house."

"Just study till your 20's and then try to find a job. Have a decent salary of Rs.25-30 Thousand per month and that would be enough for me."

These were the words from one of my friends. See?

He was putting a limitation in his dreams. He does not want to that great feat of living a successful life. But, by the time he also understood that if his dreams will be small, then his actions will be small as well.

What I mean to say is that whenever you want to do something you first imagine a picture of you completing the task. If you will think of sleeping, then you are probably going to sleep in the next few minutes.

Our thoughts are a signal to the brain of what we want. And what our mighty little brain do?

Well, it would send all those impulses that would help you to do particular stuff.

Have you ever wondered why successful and rich people are always motivated?

It's because they create a surrounding for motivation. When the day begins they are ready to write in a journal about their goals.

And till the end of the day, they would either read books for relaxation or would listen to motivational and self-learning podcasts every day.

By doing this, they are creating an image in their subconscious mind that they can achieve something big.

And as I said earlier, the brain helps us in our journey. So, if you want to achieve something, then dream big.

But, Big dreams are worthless until you are not going to take actions to achieve your goal.

As Robin Sharma says in his book, The Greatness Guide 2,

Ideation without execution is mere delusion.

#9: Create Opportunity Vs Wait For Opportunity:

 There are usually two kinds of people, Opportunity seekers, and Opportunity makers.

And most of the time you will find yourself in the first category. Seeking for opportunities is not a bad thing.

But the problem arises when you are just sitting there hoping that something would happen by itself. No, it's not like that!

If you want to be a successful person then you will have to adapt this Rich mentality.

Poor people always wait for something to happen. Remember that Lottery example?

I know you have forgotten that one, Don't worry, let's do a recap.

Poor people think that the only way they could become rich is by getting a million dollar lottery.

The thing is that they always wait for opportunities. Do not just wait for opportunities but create them.
And the best way to create them, well, you will get it in our next difference between rich and poor.

#10: Taking Risks Vs Staying in Comfort Zone:

Rich Vs Poor, Difference Between Rich and Poor

Another main thing rich do that poor don't is that they are good at the art of Risk Taking.

I have always said that taking risk is art. Why?

Because everyone cannot do it.  And that's why it is advisable to take risks. If everyone was taking a risk in their lives then most of the people would have become successful.

But the thing is when no one wants to take the risk, then there is no competition in taking risks, So it would be easier for you to jump out of your comfort zone.

Rich mindset believes in Risk Taking. And an always, I am talking about "Calculated Risks."

Poor people sty in comfort zone and they just stop growing. Because even though they think that everything is good and smooth, it will not be forever.

Always remember that, whether it's your success or your failure, it's not going to be there forever. So, it's better to change your "Comfort Zone's Address" before failure comes to your residence to hug you.

Take the risk and jump out of your comfort zone.

How to know if you are in a "Comfort Zone?"

If you are dong following stuff, then maybe you are too scared to get out of your comfort zone.

  • Not talking to new people.
  • Followed the same routine throughout the day and didn't do something new.
  • Didn't learn something new.
  • You did not make new friends.
  • Not giving 100%in your work.
  • Being Lazy.

These are one of the common things that I had noticed in my early days of self-improvement and I am sure that you will feel connected too with the above-stated points.

And remember that you should create opportunities?

Well, you can do this by taking risks, not just risks, but calculated risks.

There is a wonderful quote from Neil Gaiman:

If You Dare Nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.

Wonderful Statement!

So, take a calculated risk and learn from this difference between rich mentality and poor mentality.

#11: Reading Our Blog Vs Not Reading Our Blog:

Yah, Sorry!

It's not a typical poor vs rich comparison, but still, it's worth it.

If you want to develop the rich mentality and want to invest time rather than wasting it away, then you can read our blog which has articles covering all range of topics.


In this article we had shared Rich Vs Poor: 11 Things Rich Do That Poor Don't.

And I am sure that even you do not do the things that rich people do.

Today we have discussed the main difference between a rich and poor mentality. 

In case you do not have the time to read all the things that I have shared in this article, then you can take help of these headings, that would help you to understand what the article is about.

  • Investing Vs Savings
  • Education Vs Knowledge
  • Building Trust Vs Jealousy
  • Hard work Vs Luck
  • Earning Vs Salary
  • Focus on Earning Vs Focus on Spending
  • Learning Vs Enjoyment
  • Dream Big Vs Dream Small
  • Create Opportunity Vs Wait For Opportunity
  • Taking Risks Vs Being in Comfort Zone


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