How to Become a Better Person: 17 Valuable Tips to Master Today

Become a Better Person: Hey There! In this article, we will be talking about how can you become a better person and can live your life with a positive approach. Today, we will be sharing 17 Valuable Tips that you can use and cultivate into your lifestyle in order to become a better person inside and out. We have also answered some FAQ regarding becoming a good person.

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

All the tips have been covered from the book, The Greatness Guide 2.0 written by one of the renowned authors, Robin Sharma.

Robin Sharma has written many self-help books like the 5 AM club, The marvelous Monk of Sold his Ferrari series, and The Leader who had no Title.

In our last Book Summary article, we had learned some powerful leadership lessons that are linked below.

How to Lead Without a Title.

Today, with the help of the Greatness Guide 2.0, which has almost 101 ways to reach the next

 level, we will be getting deep into the 17 tips that you can use in order to become a more compassionate and better human being.

So, without wasting any much of your time, let's start with our FAQ Session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a "Better Person"?

A better person is someone who is social and humble. He/she does not let his/her ego take control of their brain and are sticking to their goals.

He/she will be nice not only to others but with themselves as well. 

But, a modern definition of a "better person" would be that they are true about what they want from life and take actions for it rather than just sitting there and day-dreaming.

How Can I Better Myself as a Person?

The most common practical tip that I will give you is that just stop being so angry. Anger is the sole reason why you keep getting hate and inturn you spread the hate to others.

I have met so many people in my life who are angry at someone else, but they will spread it out onto some other individual. So, What's the point of being angry?

For Eg: If you are angry with your boss but you yell at your friends, your family, even your kids, just to release the tension that had risen up. 

You didn't draw your anger onto your boss. Instead, it went the other way around. So, what was the point of being angry?

Anger ruins relations between two people. Whether it may be between 2 friends, or even a business and consumer. Anger will not help you to become a better person.

If you really want to start working on yourself, then maybe you should try to avoid or at least reduce your anger as much as you can.

How to be a better friend?

Before answering the question, I just want to ask you what is your definition of a good friend?

You may have answered the question like, My friend must be helpful to me, he/she should support me always. Whenever I will be in a difficult condition, he/she would help me out, etc.

If you sum up your definition of a "Good Friend," A good friend must be someone who would be helpful to us in some or the other way.

So, All of us, believe it or not, have some sort of selfishness or a gap in our life that we want to fill it out with the help of a friend.

If you want to be a better friend then try to be there for your mate whenever he/she will need you.

How to Become a Better Person Books?

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How to Become a Better Person

#1: The Power of Simple:


A small word but have a deeper meaning the more you think about it.

Here's the deal, Being simple does not mean to be boring. It does not mean to wear a plain dress in a party or to become and act like a nerd.

Being simplistic means to focus on small things with great precision. For Eg: Wearing shiny shoes is just a small thing but it still adds to who you are as a person.

It is said that you can judge a person's overall appearance and attitude by just looking at his shoes.


Because the person who wears tidy shoes is probably a careless person. He/she does not care about themselves and their belongings.

People form an image that if he/she is not attentive about his own appearance then how will he be trustworthy when it comes to completing others task?

You have watched interviews of many billionaires, did you noticed one common thing about them?

They all are simple. They do not wear a Rolex Watch, a golden suit and do not travel in a golden car which can fly. Nope.

The goal is to be rich rather than to look rich.

Successful people do not believe in showing off what things they have, rather they are more interesting to share what amount of knowledge they have which can add value to someone's life.

Another great example would be of the Author Robin Sharma himself. In the book, The Greatness Guide 2.0, he has said that he usually starts his morning with music and a cup of tea.

Some people think that billionaires do not listen to music, they do not like comedy shows or they do not like to spend time with their family because they might be so busy.

But, it is completely opposite to it. Always remember that you should enjoy the journey rather than the result.

So, try out the power of Simplism, as I have started to call it and become a better person.

#2: Do It Now:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

I am going to share with you our favorite lines that we all keeping telling day and night.

"I Will do it tomorrow." 

Am I right?

Well, even if you don't agree you keep postponing tasks that you know that is important and holds some value.

You know that exercising is a good thing but you always postpone it because of Excuses. Waking up early is a great thing but still, you snooze your alarm clock and say to yourself, "I will wake up early from tomorrow onwards."

And guess what?

Tomorrow never comes.

Form a habit of doing it now. If you want to become a better person then, first of all, you will have to be truthful to yourself.

Don't lie to yourself saying that "I will do this or that tomorrow."

Deep down you yourself know that whatever you are doing, you are punishing yourself.

Procrastination is an addiction. If you do it the first time then you form a habit of postponing the things.

Just do a little thing, whenever you will try to postpone the thing, at that time just think how much time would it really take to complete the task.

Will it be more than 24 Hrs? If yes, then do it. Is it Hard to complete the task? Great, complete the task now.
Are you completing your task right now? Then, don't stop.

Just, Do It Now.

#3: Invisible Fences:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

Let's imagine a situation.

You always wanted to give a great inspirational speech in front of the audience. Maybe you thought of giving a great presentation in the office that everyone would love.

After you gave the speech, the people in the room would stand up and will give a huge round of applause to you. They are cheering for you all around the city for such an inspirational speech.

But, when the real-time comes to give the presentation, not in front of a crowd but just 5 people, you hesitate.

You build that Invisible fence that are limiting your powers.

Author Robin Sharma says that every person out there have the massive capability of doing things, but still he/she hesitate thinking about others.

You may also have generated thoughts like, "What would people think of me?" or something like, "I am not good enough in speaking English, They will laugh at me?"

But, guess what? No one cares until you do.

It all depends upon the confidence of the person. 

It is not just with speaking, but it's what you have built in your entire life. Whenever it comes to tough decisions like Carrer Choosing, then you build invisible fences around yourself.

You think about society rather than for yourself. 

In our blog, I try to write the most practical tips that you can apply in your life. So, I am just giving you a little piece of advice that you will have to become Selfish in order to break those invisible fences.

It's a harsh truth but you will have to think about yourself and your future first rather than thinking about your 75-year-old neighbor's comments and suggestions who will not be there when you are struggling for your dreams.

So, don't build these invisible fences if you really want to become a better person. 

#4: Be Humble:

It's the 21st Century and it is hard to find a good and humble person. But, what if you got one in your life?

Being humble does not only mean to be polite, but it also means to develop a sense of understanding others and their feelings.

A humble person is like a friend who would put others first and himself/herself second.

You may have met many people in your life who are egoistic. What I mean by that?

Well, they keep talking about themselves. they do not consider other individual's feelings and look for own personal benefit rather than trying to create a WIN-WIN situation.

The feeling of humility is important in your road to becoming a better person. You will have to accept that you are not the only one who is great at everything and you cannot be great at everything.

The people who talk about other's life all the time are not able to grow much in their lives. Why?

Because they are unable to focus on their lives, instead, they try to brag about others and are fond of "Gossiping." 

You know a true Gentlemen would not gossip around other's life. How would you feel if someone is sharing your life's secrets to others?

So, practice humility and be humble to the people in your surrounding. Respect your elders, your friends and your teachers, your boss, etc.

Use the words, "Please", "Thank You", often in order to make it a practice.

#5: Be Jokeable:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

Author Robin Sharma shares that if you want to truly live life with happiness and want to become a better person, then you will have to become jokeable.

What he means by that?

Well, people should be able to joke with you. Maybe they would even make fun of you But, the point here is that you should not take jokes straight to your heart.

I have seen many people who become angry if someone jokes about them. But, they will have to understand that it was just a joke and he/she should not take it otherwise.

Robin also shares that you should be funny and humorous. People should be comfortable with you.

Everyone loves those persons who just light up the conversation with some sarcasm and mockery.
But don't overdo it or you will have to pay the price i.e. losing trust and respect of others

Do it in a limit when and wherever necessary. In short, you should become jokeable so that people would be more open to you and would feel happy when they are around you.

#6: Praise Others:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

Remember that you should be humble?

Well, praising others is one of the actions you can take in order to become humble. Praising others is a communication skill.

You should always remember this trick that, Praise others in front of everyone but realize them their mistake personally.

It creates trust and a better person would always be happy to boost the self-esteem of another person.

Robin Sharma says that nothing would cost you if you would just give him/her little compliments to boost their morale.

The main problem with us nowadays is that we do not end to believe others easily. And that's a good thing according to the 7 Principles of Eagle.

But, do not depend upon this phenomenon. It will create a suspicious image of everyone around you.
You will have to believe in others.

If you are a manager then you will have to believe in your colleagues that they will outperform the competition. If you are a coach then you will have to believe that your student will give his 100% on the field.

By believing others you are creating a charismatic atmosphere of respect around your self. The more you would respect others and their feelings, the more prestige the society will give you.

#7: Camel's back syndrome:

We all make mistakes. Nothing is wrong with doing mistakes, but the problem lies when you do not try to correct it.


You just keep repeating the same mistakes again and again. Here's an incident that the author shared in the book the Greatness Guide 2.0

If you tie a straw on a camel's back then nothing will happen to him. Let's imagine the straw as your mistakes. Now, if we put some more straws on his back then also nothing will happen to him.

But, what if we keep repeating the process and put more and more straws on his back?

Well, after some time the weight of these thousands of straws will break his back.

The same thing happens to us. If you want to become a better person then you will have to prevent repeating your mistakes. 

For the first time if you were hit by a stone in the middle of the road, then the second time you will change your route. But, if you will keeping smashing yourself again an again with the same stone, you will have to face problems. 

So, here Robin is trying to say that a better person does not repeat his mistakes.

Or Else, your condition will be similar to the Camel discussed above.

I learn from my mistakes. How? By not repeating them.

#8: Be a Hero:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

Now, here being a hero does not mean to wear a superman cape and jump off a triple story building in order to fly.

Begin a hero means to have an attitude like a hero. Every one of us has superpowers. Not the one of flying or melting things by just looking at it.

We all have one special super tool that many successful people know how to use, and it is called the brain.

You may not realize it but you hold such majestic powers that can revolutionize the world. People like Mandela and Gandhi were also humans.

They did not come from any other planet. But the difference was that they know their strengths and weaknesses and were persistent.

A superhero is persistent and tries to accomplish his goal no matter what happens. Even you have a superhero inside you. Make use of it in order to achieve your highest potential.

#9: Do New Things:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

It is said that if you are not doing something new then maybe you are not stepping out of your comfort zone.

What is a comfort zone?

It is an imaginary zone in which you are sitting but if you take the risk of leaping out of your comfort zone, then you can achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Becoming a better person means to live life fully. You will not be able to enjoy every second of life until you do something that you love.

Do you love playing the guitar? Good, take some time and try to play it. Do you love painting? Good, take up the pen and brush and paint the second Mona Lisa.

Similarly, invest your time in doing new things that had fascinated you in the past. Maybe a vacation with family and friends would be a new experience for you.

By trying out new things you are actually becoming a better person from inside as well as from outside.

Your mental health is becoming better and on a whole, you should collect nostalgic memories of the new things that you tried. Believe me, it has lots of benefits.

#10: Road To Success:

Many people do not enjoy the journey that they undertook in order to reach their goals. They think that happiness lies at the end of their goals and aspirations.

And they will not be able to enjoy life until they have sufficient money, a big car, a mansion and autograph of Justin Bieber.

Well, it's not like that.

The journey is more beautiful and fascinating than the result. 

Your journey is as good as the end. Just imagine what did it cost you to be here where you are currently in your life?

You may have experienced hardships, failures and atrocious conditions. But, still, you fought all these circumstances and has reached the destination where you are right now. So, Value your journey.

But, it should not be your final point. You still have to undergo a tough climb in order to reach the top of the mountain.

There will be many people who will be asking you questions like, "Why are you trying to achieve something that is impossible? Why do you want to be at the top of the mountain where only 1% resides?
What will you get after reaching the top of the mountain?

Just answer these questions that are inside your brain with just one line, "It will give me happiness. And I want to climb the toughest mountain of my dreams because I can't wait anymore to see the view of the world from the top.

#11: Make Your Mark: 

What is the purpose of your life?

Do you want to live and die like an average human being?

Absolutely not. A better person is someone who is great with his ideologies and prove his/her sense of values through actions.

You should make your own mark if you want to be remembered after you die. Robin Sharma keeps talking about the great leaders of the world. 

They are great because they left a mark on this world. they have inspired many people to take actions against injustice and are an idol for youths when it comes to achieving your dreams.

Becoming a better person in the 21st century is not a difficult task since not many people are trying to do so.

Your 90% of the competition is already not participating in the race to become the best. our competition is only with that 10 % who are working hard to achieve their dreams when all others are partying outside and wasting their time watching Netflix.

You should have two speeds when it comes to achiveing your dreams. Fast and Faster. No Slow.

#12: Speak Truth:

Truth and trust are interrelated.

If you always speak truth then it creates trust, and if you are trustworthy then probably you are truthful to everyone.

Speaking truth is becoming extinct practice since not many people are using it.

A better person is always ready to speak the truth when it comes to building credibility.

For Eg: Let's say that there are 2 shopkeepers in your locality. The first one is not trustworthy and charges more than the product's actual worth.

And there is this second shopkeeper who sells everything with transparency and only charges the real value of the product.

To whom would you go to purchase a large number of goods? the second one. Why?

Because you know that he is trustworthy and will not harm you in any circumstance.

Developing credibility in places like businesses and workplace is a great way to build relations with others and to spread your network chain.

Robin Sharma says that a better person and a better friend is someone always speaks the truth and will not use anyone for his/her own advantage.

#13: Fail Faster:

Failing is important in one's life.

People become so much depressed when they have to face failures and rejections in their lives. But, if you want to become a better person then you will have to accept your failures.

No successful person has ever got to the pinnacle of success by doing everything right.

It is not possible to win every situation of life. Failing is actually an opportunity to realize your mistake and correct it. Remember the Camel's back syndrome?

So, don't become upset if you have gone through rejections and failures.

Always look at it as an opportunity for growth and always remember that every person who is successful has at least got one such failure that destroyed everything and at this point, 99% of them give up. 

But, who are courageous would rise from such failures and then everyone read their success story and call them lucky.

#14: A Day of listening:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

We all encounter various types of conversations in day to day lives. In meetings, in schools, colleges, restaurants, festive occasions, get to gathers, etc.

Have you ever noticed that you feel good after talking to a particular person and you feel more positive and energetic after the conversation? Why?

It is because maybe the other person was listening to what you have to say. We all want to share our experiences and stories with others but do we listen to them as well?

Robin Sharma suggests that you should take up one day on which you would not dominate the conversation. Instead, you would just listen to the other person.

By doing so, you will be able to read the person like an open book. You can extract more out of the just 2-minute conversation which is happening between you and the other person.

So, take up a day of listening and "experience the experience."

#15: Burn Extra 1%:

Motivational Quote

If you really want to become a better person then you must be able to win through your competition. But, How?

By burning that extra 1%.

For Eg: If you have decided to read books in order to expand your reach of the topic of your interest. Then on the first day read 20 Pages, the next day go to 30 Pages, the next day read at least 40 Pages.

After practicing this for a few days, try to incorporate audiobooks, podcasts, etc. in your daily routine.

By doing so every day, you are improving yourself by 1%.

A better person who wants to be the one will always burn that extra 1% that most people keep in reserve.

The Extra 1% that most people keep in reserve, is the Extra 1% Champions have the courage to burn.

#16: Be Optimistic:

How to Become a Better Person, The Greatness Guide Summary

Optimism is an attitude of hopefulness. It is a belief that a person has on his own actions.

"Trust the process" can be an optimistic attitude. Every other person has problems in their lives and everyone thinks that their problems are the biggest that no one has in this world.

But guess what? It is not like that.

If you have a roof on your head, then think of those people who are homeless. Is your problem bigger than theirs? If you can eat meal 3 times a day, then think of those people who sleep empty stomach every day. Is your problem bigger than theirs?

Robin Sharma says that a person should have an optimistic attitude. And he should practice persistence.

Persistence is an attitude of not giving up in hard times. Persistent people are able to become great personalities and as a result, they leave a mark on this world

#17: Read Our Blog:

I am not kidding!

This can also help you to become a better person. Although it is not stated in the book, still you can trust me.

We have already covered various crucial topics like How to get rich, How to become successful in life, etc.

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In this article, we have shared 17 tips that will help you in becoming a better person inside and out.

These tips have been taken from the book, The Greatness Guide 2.0 written by renowned author and leadership coach - Robin Sharma.

Here is a quick recap of the 17 Valuable tips that will help you to become a better person. 

  • The Power of Simple
  • Do It Now
  • Invisible Fences
  • Be Humble
  • Become Jokeable
  • Praise Others
  • Camel's Back Syndrome
  • Be a Hero
  • Do New Things
  • Road to Success
  • Make Your Mark
  • Speak Truth
  • Fail Faster
  • A Day of Listening
  • Burn Extra 1%
  • Be Optimistic

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